Given its focus, viewers might forgive Mia for its clumsy direction of actors, its contrived plot or its on-the-nose dialogue. [A] touching and surprising familiar tale. Tugs at the heart strings that's for sure. But the exact outcome is very disappointing and said message would have deserved a far better execution. She even help by the elephant called "Henry"! There is one major weakness thhough, namely the spot in which the lions were held. [Full review in Spanish]. User Ratings The first half is still somewhat fine, but the longer it goes the more absurd it becomes. The film also carries a powerful message that will resonate for children for care for our world. There are several uniquely impressive elements to the adventure drama "Mia and the White Lion," but they're undermined by a choppy, at times contrived and implausible script by Prune de Maistre and William Davies. Watch THE COVE to fully understand how devious politicians and governments have become to hide their crimes from the public. Next scene would be secenral scenes actually, namely the long walk to the reservatory that felt pseudo epic. REVIEW - MIA AND THE WHITE LION Occasionally while watching all of the films I find a gem, a film that stands out and as an impartial independent reviewer I can write without influence. Highly recommended. Action goes crescendo with suspense in last chapter. While it focuses on the relationship between Mia and this wonderful lion, it also deals with family ties, connection with nature and the hard way in which these animal farms have to survive. Such a good movie. Mia father felt the lion will harm his daughter, he decide to sell it to the hunters! Super recommended! The parents had a little more, well the father you could say. And she likes it quite a bit, and I at least don't regret having seen it. In hindsight I wish I hadn't fallen for the cuddly picture of girl and lion cuddling and the PG rating. I didn't go into this expecting riveting storytelling or anything, but some of this crap was baaaaad, even for a family film. I don't want see tragedy happen cuz the kids watch this movie. Despite the fact that they are a wild animals, I still find this movie very educative and also sending an important message to the world and new generation that we really need to give those animals them space, because we are the one who invaded them territory, and they reacted aggressive because they have to survive in same stage. That was okay. Mia did not like the cub at the beginning, but eventually fall for it! Nobody has seen one for years when he comes across a white lion cub in the wilderness. The making-of details might even be the most fascinating aspect of this film. Same can be said about the father stepping in front of the lion in the really weak big emotional (at least that's what it should be) final scene towards the end. Strong ideas - Parents of sensitive kids beware, Message is important, but film is just okay, Gives kids a completely perverted idea of wildlife including megafuana predators, wrong on how they behave and wrong on what threatens predator populations. Desperate, Mia has no other choice than to escape with Charlie in order to rescue him. But okay, that is not a problem of the original movie. Firstly, salute to director and whole crew that they really use all real Lion and take 3 years to shoot that for girl and lions to familiar. FAQ Sure, the acting could have been better.. that being said, it's a emotional and moving story with an exciting and heartwarming plot, beautiful scenery and the amazing bond between a girl and her wild lion. Humanity is cruel! | When Mia reaches the age of 14 and that Charlie has become a magnificent adult lion, she discovers the unbearable. | He takes a job as a tracker for a hunter, while keeping watch on the lion he names Letsatsi. It is engaging from the first minute. A kind of cross between Richard Linklater's Boyhood and Wild Kingdom, Mia and the White Lion offers a unique spin on the coming-of-age tale with stunning visuals if questionable ethics of "employing" real lions to "act.". That woman's death has been largely covered up, and not addressed, while the interaction between young woman and captive lion in Mia And The White Lion has been glorified and promoted. Es una historia muy bonita, que además transmite un buen mensaje sobre el respeto a los animales. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! This movie gives kids and especially pre-teens the wrong message. Next scene when she uses the lion to trick her father and eventually shoots him with a sedative in the leg. Gilles de Maistre and Kevin Richardson knew this, and still used Ukutula for casting, and them purchased five lion cubs from them, directly participating in the industry their movie vilifies.

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