The YOW surfskate adapter comes in two versions, named S4 and S5. Thus, YOW is a better choice for pure surf training, while Slide is great for easy pumping and carving and short-distance commuting. HLC now dominates the European skateboarding market and is a top 3 player on the international skateboarding scene. I assumed looseness may mean better pumping, but re-reading your posts, it seems you actually value Slide for pumping, so it may be between choosing slow tight turns. Leider passen reverse kingpin achsen nicht auf die platte, da der pivot cup zu lang ist. These surfskates enable a classic style of riding closer to longboard surfing (boardwalking, cross-stepping). Sold Out 2020 | Carver 29.5" Conlogue Sea Tiger Surfskate Complete. Hi I'm Jesse. At the moment, looking at wider model like Slide Swallow, Yow Byron Bay, Arica, Malibu. The Teahupoo surfskate complete comes with the 9″ YOW trucks, and 60mm wheels with a medium durometer (84A) providing a good balance of speed and grip while still allowing for some sliding. The deck and kicktail provide plenty of room for comfortable foot placement when performing radical surf turns. I’ve been riding a carver for a while now and fancy something a bit closer to a surfing feel. The YOW Teahupoo is part of the Power Surfing series and is named after the amazingly powerful wave in Tahiti. Check out the YOW Huntington Beach 30″ surf skate on Amazon. ), Yow Teahupoo 34’’or Yow Pukas Dark 34’’5 and Yow Amatriain 33’’5. Previous page of related Sponsored Products. 99 $43.99 $43.99. At 29″ x 9.5″, the YOW Hossegor is the shortest and fattest surfskate in the lineup. The shortish 17″ wheelbase, the tail rocker, and the medium concave all contribute to the board’s overall “slashability”. Overall, for surfers, it’s hard to resist this signature Pukas shortboard design which most wave riders have learned to know and love. There was a problem completing your request. Surf and Rail Adapter by Waterborne Skateboards - Surfskate Truck Fits Any Board - Carve & Cruise like a Surfboard, Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (34-Inch), Quest Fishtail Cruiser Board Skateboard (27-Inch), FoilMount Drop-in GoFoil & Deep Tuttle to 4-Bolt Adapter Plate V2, Tidal Wake XLR8 Wake Surf Shaper Wave Generator for inboard, Forward & V-Drive Boats | Floating Wakesurf Creator | Compact Storage (Silver/Blue). The YOW pipe ships with regular 9″ YOW trucks. The models in this series bear the names of iconic performance surf spots of Australia, Indonesia, and California. HLC also handles OEM manufacturing and/or distribution of a wide range of leading brands, such as Sk8mafia, Flip Skateboards, Mosaic, Habitat Skateboards. The Huntington Beach has a short surfboard feel and is a great board for city surfing on tight driveways and sidewalks. compared to the La Loca). We’re proud to present our third-generation of surfskate systems: YOW System V.4 S4 and YOW System V.4 S5 (from the outside they might seem identical, but they each perform differently). The Plan B comes fitted with the S5 – which doesn’t affect the board’s snappiness, 9″ YOW trucks, and larger 66mm wheels with 80A durometer for adequate grip on this larger boards in tight turns. 33″+. Here again, this also makes the YOW harder to push and commute on – but that’s not what the YOW was designed for. YOW’s surfskate truck adapter is 100% designed and manufactured in the HLC factory. (2019 Survey). V.4 S4 uses a 4mm spring, with a lighter feel. SS does have more adjustment options, YOW has the lock but it’s not that useful since the ride is too high for comfortable cruising. Next, let’s jump into some of the top surfskates in these collections. What wheelbase length do you think make sense so that I can practice pumping from standstill and gentle uphill while retaining enough stability? YOW System Pack S5: 5mm spring is recomended to people from more 50kg. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Part of The First collection, at 30″ in length, this affordable surfskate (230€) is the shortest in the series, designed for kids getting started with surf skateboarding. All these have quite long wheelbase, the width, outline and wheels varié, but I dom’ Know how much it will impact the ride and stability. My first need is pumping (ideally something that can go gentle uphill) and smooth turns, not aggressive surf-like turn. Depending on the wheelbase it can feel really twitchy if you’re a beginner. Muy fácil de adaptar los ejes a cualquier tabla. Thank you so much again for your help now and your website in general! It’s ideal for surfskaters seeking the sharpest carves and cut-backs they can find, or for surfskaters between 30kg and 50kg. I am in Europe so I cannot access any brands (Flow is out of stock) so it will probably be between Slide and Yow. The YOW Huntington Beach surfskate is a shorter and “fatter” board (30″ x 9.5″) boasting a high-performance fish shortboard shape. It’s fitted with larger and softer 66mm/78A wheels. The Padang Padang is the longest but the Slide may be my best bet. Hey Bobcat, I’ve ridden YOW quite a lot but Smoothstar not so much, to me they do feel very similar although I must say I much prefer YOW’s shapes and designs, they have a great diversity and awesome surf designs, not a big fan of SS’s bullet shapes. Ride on! The YOW Surf surfskate trucks and decks are produced and distributed by HLC Distribution, a leading European skateboarding company that has been producing skateboard products for 15 years. The S4 truck system, the shorter 6″ YOW trucks, and the smaller and harder wheels (60mm, 84A duro) that ship with the Eisback also contribute to creating a highly reactive and surfy surfskate for young riders learning surf-style maneuvers. The YOW Surf surfskate trucks and decks are produced and distributed by HLC Distribution, a leading European skateboarding company that has been producing skateboard products for 15 years. The YOW truck system and the board shapes and features combine to create a very loose turning surfskate setup, among the loosest on the market. The truck pivots around a shaft and the spring pulls it back to the center. This makes the YOW Pukas Plan B highly reactive and sharp turning, allowing for fast rides and technical turns for more advanced skate surfers. Both allow for a radical surfing feel. Click the image below to open the complete YOW surfskate comparison table (new window): The YOW surfskate lineup is composed of 6 collections, each with its own design characteristics and riding goals. The longer wheelbase combined with the S5 YOW system makes the Pipe surfskate a stable option for newer riders or those looking to push or carve on longer distances on in larger bowls. Yow System Pack V.4 S5 makes use of a heavier, 5mm spring. The YOW Hossegor has a nice kicktail which allows for easy curb-hopping, and a medium (performance) concave that keeps your feet nicely in place when slashing. YOW Trucks Skateboard System V.4 S5 own Wave Carver Longboard Street Surfing. Check out the YOW Hossegor 29″ red or the beige and navy version on Amazon. I am looking at Miller, Ocean Pacific but most probably between Slide and Yow. All my life I've been passionate about the board riding lifestyle. YOW is MUCH looser than Slide so I’d say it’s for more advanced riders/surfers. There's a problem loading this menu right now. The YOW Plan B is another collab with the Pukas shapers, resulting in a performance twin shape in between a twin-fin and a thruster surfboard shape. The board’s aspect ratio and its 17″ wheelbase, relatively long given the deck length, make it an easy surfer and a very responsive board, particularly for smaller riders (or agile bigger ones). In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. The YOW Pipe is another beautiful fish surfboard shape with a swallowtail. The deck is wider in the front part and near the nose, allowing for very tight turns by placing the foot further forward (e.g. The Eisback is quite wide (9.85″) for its length, making it comfortable for newbies to practice surf pumping and tight turns. Just wondering if you’ve ridden these and if so have you noticed any differences? Shorter wheelbases are also easier to pump uphill but will require more effort and endurance to gain speed and to ride longer distances. Plain deck shapes and designs, smaller trucks. Thanks for any advice ! Use our board selector tool to get to your perfect YOW. Fulkit takes strict compliance with hygiene rules. Die Muttern überdrehten bei einem Satz Schrauben. See it here on Amazon. The relatively short wheelbase makes the Eisback a snappy and fast-turning board for smaller riders. YOW’s (Your Own Wave) skateboards are the top-selling surf skates in Europe. Some years ago I got into longboarding, and in doing so, I discovered a whole new universe and a fantastic community. Initially looked at longer board at Yow (22″+ wheelbase), but now thinking maybe 18/19″? It’s important to keep in mind the YOW surfskate system was created with surfing in mind – this is confirmed by the names and looks of the YOW deck lineup (see next section). Containment, regular cleaning of surfaces and hands. Entweder echt billige Quallität oder die waren schon mal irgenwo drauf geschraubt und dabei überdreht. The best system to simulate surfing on the asphalt. There's something for everyone in longboarding regardless of age, gender, size, and fitness level. The YOW La Loca comes stock with larger and softer wheels (66mm, 78A) for higher speed, comfort on uneven terrain, and good grip for performing those tight turns and cutbacks. Im grunde sehr gut nur mußte ich einen neuen satz Schrauben kaufen. The YOW surfskate products, like many oher skate products managed by HLC, are produced in the company’s state-of-the-art factory in the Basque Country – located between San Sebastian and the renowned waves of the Biarritz area in France. YOW System Pack S5: 5mm spring is recomended to people from more 50kg Yow System Pack V.4 S5 makes use of a heavier, 5mm spring. Based on the results of our surfskate survey, YOW surfskates are considered much closer to a surfing feel compared to the Carver CX. The Yow surfskate range is organized into 5 different series: Signature Series, High Performance Series, Power Surfing Series, Dream Wave Series and Classic Series. YOW is manufactured by HLC in Northern Spain, in Europe’s largest skateboard factory. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. V.4 S5 makes use of a heavier, 5mm spring. Weder die Originalachse lässt sich am Drehgelenk montieren noch das YOW Gelenk am Board. This YOW surfskate is the result of a collaboration with iconic surf shaper Pukas. Collabs include international pro surfer (from the Basque Country) Aritz Aranburu, legendary surfboard shaper Pukas, and pro surfers Ibon Amatriain and Clay Mazo. Been researching the Yow and smoothstar and the truck systems look very similar if not the same to me. V.4 S4 uses a 4mm spring, with a lighter feel. Ansonsten mag ich das YOW System. YOW has a looser and more radical feel than Slide, but Slide is more stable and easier to push (similar to Carver). The company was originally started in 2000 in a garage by the three Iraola brothers, who created first Jart Skateboards, a high-quality skateboard brand. Choosing The Best Surfskate: Everything You Need To Know. I understand longer wheelbase is more stable but does it prevent effective pumping at some point? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Please try again. These YOW surfskates emulate performance surfboard shapes and are designed for more advanced surfers looking to hone their surfing skills on land.

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