Details regarding the status of the show are thin on the ground, but Chris and Zach have professed that the show is now out of their hands for the time being as they have finished their share of the work. Christopher O'Neill His vice-principal was really angry at him and started poking his chest and screaming "HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF I CALLED YOU A SPASTIC? Aliases His OneyNG YouTube channel has more than 2.3 million subscribers. Has recently been added to Chris-Chan's Hit List. Chris saw tiny moving little guys (Probably of the same species as, Chris once said that he would do a Twitch stream fighting. Although Chris's family was killed by Dingodile, his ancestors were murdered by the British. He worked at electronics retail company GameStop. CoolKira The WolfLightBringerChristopher OneillingtonChriston L ChanelBayBee Boy Chris has a giant/unbirth fetish and has even said that, as a 5 year old, liked to imagine himself entering a giant woman's pussy and that he would try it IRL. None of them pay any mind, however. Chris O'Neal was born on 4 April 1994 in Teaneck, New Jersey as Christopher Richard O’Neal. Chris has also worked with his co-conspirator Zach Hadel (PsychicPebbles) on the animated cartoon Hellbenders. On top of his career as the most successful LetsPlayer on YouTube, he is a member of the multimedia collective Sleepycabin, composed of mutual friends and associates from the flash animations website Newgrounds. Apart from making funny videos with his two good friends, Chris likes to sing Eye of the Spider in the dead of night while fingering his browner. Login She has pets that come in many shapes and forms, along with the very well known, Wench the Chihuahua. Species Donkey Kong 5: The Journey Of Over Time And Space. ", Chris has a cat called Django who starred in the. About. WhatsApp. Physical Age Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Family Mental Age Status In SleepyCast S2:E27 - [Le Rancid Red Boca] he says he is working on a pilot using Blender. I'm Chris's best friend and have appeared in every single episode of Oneyplays, I just haven't said anything yet so you don't know I'm there. Residence Alongside the aforementioned, Chris has worked on Doodle Doods and spent time recording with his two buddies Ding Dong & Julian. Chris O’Neal age is around 25,as Chris O’Neal was born on the 4th of Apr, 1994 in Teaneck. Chris has been sent many death threats by the leader of the l33t str33t boys, Chris is the only known member of Sleepy Cabin apart from Captain Dickhead who has a boot-legged cartridge of, Chris' favorite creepypasta is Minecraft's, Chris's favorite Harry Potter character is Dobby because he's "Nice. ChrisZach HadelJoshua Tomar Like everyone else in or from Ireland, Chris is a Roman Catholic, meaning he is a strong supporter of Jesus, Crusades, (possibly pedophiles) and Gothic Architecture. Mix. Chris once called someone a spaz at 6th grade. He is best known for his role as Kevin Reed in Nickelodeon’s TV series How to Rock (2012). Chris O’Neal Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics. Chris and Dong's family were both murdered by Dingodile. That is because when they first married, his wife forced him to change his name to hers for unknown reasons. It is speculated that Chris would watch over 50 cringe videos daily as some form of remedy for his post-traumatic stress from his time at Magfest. Gender Born Christopher Richard O'Neal on 4th April, 1994 in Bronx, New York City New York USA, he is famous for How To Rock. He has worked as an animator and video game designer in addition to writer, producer and director of Leo & Satan. Chris has a secret third alternate account on YouTube and PornHub named FunnyFeetLOL where he makes funny feet jokes and also squishes mosquito corpses and tomatoes with his feet. Chris was heterosexual for the majority of his young adult life, but magically became gay after fans purchased his first officially licensed Freddie Freaker t-shirt. Occupation Facebook. Shows they have been in. Chris is deeply disturbed by body horror. She has pets that come in many shapes and forms, along with the very well known, Wench the Chihuahua. 4 He and Stamper have both worked with Newgrounds. Donkey Kong 5: The Journey Of Over Time And Space. The notes have been addressed in a threatening nature, disclosed subliminally in varying different interpolations of franchise crossovers such as The Simpsons, Dragon Ball, Despicable Me, and several more. Chris O'Neal has been in an on-screen matchup with Ariana Grande in Swindle (2013). CynicalMr. In 2016, Oney moved from Philadelphia, PA to Los Angeles, CA. Ding Dong in a very old stream has expressed the plan being only hiring Chris if absolutely needed. Connect any celebrity with Chris O'Neal to see how closely they are linked... romantically! The Irate Gamer is yet to respond to his request, but fans are led to believe Chris Bores is too busy working on a patent for his Diarrhea Dick Waffles recipe. He co-created the animated series Leo & Satan for Newgrounds, also providing the voice of Leo. Christopher Paul O'Neill, KNO (born 27 June 1974) is a British-American financier and husband of Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland, a daughter of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. He's currently working on his own game named Bowlbo: The Quest for Bing Bing along with Albino Moose Games, who made Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, which he has played on the channel before with Cory J. Beck and Dave Brown. Residence Chris O’Neal was born on 4 April 1994 and is currently 26 years old. Zach Hadel (former babe Cutie sweetie honey)Lyle (other main associate)Jeff Bandelin (Cool guy)Niall Murray (Orphan)Cory J. Beck (Sick fuck)Shaddai Prejean (Cory but a lot worse)Mick Lauer (He's there i guess)Kyle (Editor)Rodrigo (Animator and editor)Stamper (Friend-o)Ding Dong (pal)Julian Marcel (man)Veronica (current babe fuck hole, pussy sleeve/ hot gash slash)john'(the retard)Joshua Tomar (Bud)Dave (Slave)Mike (Newgrounds coder and cofounder)Herman Li (Guitarrist)Cal Moray (Thumbnail Artist)TheFabsWOW (Thumbnail Artist) Age. Ding Dong and Julian were revived and have since been on the show sometimes, but Chris still plays games with others. Julian has also speculated that Chris will be composing some music for the upcoming Wan Wan Games projects which are Trigger Treat (a twin-stick shooter), and Tough Bippy (side-scrolling beat em' up). Please don't pay attention. Friends Besides that, he has a big passion for monkeys, apes, and chimps ever since he was a small lad. Chris has said recently in a FF7 Remake Stream that he may try and contact Ding Dong and Julian (who now live in the distant planet Arizona) for a Kingdom Hearts 3 playthrough, although he has claimed before to hate that one and think it's really boring. Pinterest. A very small percentage of Chris's fans are autistic. He would do that with his crinkled ape magic finger. Chris O’Neal Quick Info; Height: 6 ft: Weight: 75 kg: Date of Birth: April 4, 1994: Zodiac Sign: Aries: Eye Color: Dark Brown: Chris O’Neal is an American actor, rapper, and drummer. He was born in Wexford, Ireland. With his maximum gaming powers, Chris has learned to be a master at literally everything ever, but here's the main stuff. She worked as a librarian at a school for a little while before quitting to make money doing art commissions instead. Chris O'Neal. OneyNGnostalgia criticDonkey Kong 4Uncle FungusOneyChrisBabeLaser BuffetChris,Master Of All ComedyProChrisTopherFunnyFeetLOLMr. Since he's a mermaid, Chris lived underwater on the Titanic in his childhood. He says it gave him self-confidence and, according to himself, "Makes him the Alpha and then he fucks people".His mother always told him to stop doing that. Lad © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. He has a Little Man and a Juwanna Mann tattoo on his body, although it is unknown where they actually are. When Oney was a young lad, he once slept in his parents' bedroom and in there was a painting. As Chris is the main protagonist of Oney Plays he has appeared in every episode. Chris loves sniffing ripe braps from Ding Dong's pungent buttocks. Chris O'Neal is a 26 year old American Actor. 9 Chris is infamously known for his perverse humor and bombastic sensibilities, and thusly Chris is currently seeking rehabilitation for his rampant addiction to cringe comedy. Chris O'Neal is a member of the following lists: Actors from New Jersey, American television actors and American child actors. After the "death" of Ding Dong and Julian, Chris O'Neill continued doing OneyPlays with his new friends Zach Hadel, Joshua Tomar, Lyle Burress and members from Sleepycabin besides the aforementioned Zach. Character. Celebrity How Calculates Chris O’Neal Popularity Based on Wiki page views and also our internal Page view count. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Before Fame. Mother Theresa died shortly after meeting Chris. Species Friends Physical Age ", Chris has claimed to have killed 7 people in Florida but has not been charged due to judge stating "lol that n***a funny", Chris has been receiving cryptic letters from an ominous desert man known as. Today Chris generally records with Zach Hadel, Josh Tomar, Lyle Burruss, some of the SleepyCabin boys and Dave (AKA PhantomArcade). Even then, he's still a happy boy with the only purpose of entertaining you, the reader. Being a good person Although he has later stated that he likes some of his music. Despite Chris's many talents, it would appear that his suave comes with a price. Chris and Zach once pitched a pilot of the show to Adult Swim, who claimed that it was, "the worst pitch they had ever seen". Chris becomes a little gayer with every subsequent purchase of his Freddie Freaker merchandise. Gender © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy Daniel Hayward. Ugly Mermaid She supposedly has immense knowledge regarding Donkey Kong 2's secrets and her bug catching skills in The Lion King. Chris has been said to be a god, therefore meaning his dick is 936 inches. He would get his crinkled ape magic finger by dipping it into mud that was actually The Fountain Of Youth. Full Name Christopher O'Neal. Himself He is of African-American descent. 26. Chris is currently working on the soundtrack for the upcoming video game Nightmare Cops, designed by Jeff Bandelin, and programmed by Tom Fulp. Chris O'Neal has been in an on-screen matchup with Ariana Grande in Swindle (2013).. Chris O'Neal is a member of the following lists: Actors from New Jersey, American television actors and American child actors.. Oney Plays Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He is known for his role in the 2012 Nickelodeon television series How to Rock. Chris is a big fan of physics games and rag-dolls in games thinking they're really fun to play with. 29 Years Old Freelance AnimatorClassical MusicianGame designerJudgeBronyMarge ImpersonatorCreator of Videogame MaggieProud Smitmar SayerWorks at DisneyPlaytester of Crash TwinsanityCartographer of PoopsvilleFounder of OneyWarePotato SackBaby Veronica This was once mentioned in his Banjo Kazooie series, where Julian and Matt got into a conversation about Matt's religion and his family upbringing, where Chris noted he relates to Matt because of it. Ariel Mortman and Chris O'Neal were rumo... Christopher Richard O'Neal, Chris O'Neal, Christopher O'Neal. ReddIt. Hair Color. Help us build our profile of Chris O'Neal!

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