Edge Transport servers are almost always located in a perimeter network, so it's expected that you'll restrict network traffic between the Edge Transport server and the internet, and between the Edge Transport server and your internal Exchange organization. Just check how is everything going on with this issue. Some features in Outlook require a Microsoft Exchange Server account. If you use Microsoft Outlook 2019 at home or in an office without Exchange Server, you can’t use these features. Open Outlook and select your new profile on startup. Luckily, this can be fixed quite easily. Here's a similar thread for your reference: Autodiscover and outlook anywhere for multiple domains. Oh, and try not to have too many deep, dark secrets; it’s very stressful trying to remember all of them. Good managers delegate authority. Does this occurred due  to  my auto-discover  has yet configured correctly? out of the way but what needs to be done until we get off of this Exchange what can i check in my DNS server? Specifically: Mail from an Exchange 2013 or later Edge Transport server first arrives at the Front End Transport service before it flows to the Transport service on an Exchange 2016 or Exchange 2019 Mailbox server. Inbound mail flows from the Edge Transport server to a Mailbox server in the subscribed Active Directory site. This could approve whether it lies on the firewall rules. Attempting to contact the Autodiscover service using the DNS SRV redirect method. Exchange servers that are responsible for receiving inbound mail or delivering outbound mail must be able to resolve both internal and external host names for proper mail routing. Long story short, when you go to setup the for more information. What does this mean? (Control Panel--> Mail-->show profile-->Add new profile), Have you configured SRV record in EmailDomain.com to point your exchange local domain, For more details: Using SRV records for multiple Autodiscover domains. There is no way to set up an Exchange 2019 or Professional mailbox in Outlook 2016 manually, as such adding an autodiscover record is required. Verify your account I was recently looking to backup my emails from a Microsoft Exchange server, but I noticed that my older emails were missing. server where it won’t connect. Outbound mail always bypasses the Front End Transport service on Mailbox servers. This may take a couple of minutes to complete. Auto discover is setup properly to hit the local address of our exchange server. Bill Dyszel is an author, consultant, and speaker on the topic of technology. Maintenance can occur every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 6am and 8am, Autodiscover DNS records on your domain name. This is the email I sent to my team regarding the issue and how to get around the problem: "So I have found a problem in Outlook 2019 and our Exchange Click on the Outlook File tab to open your email account info. 720821857. 5. 3656438. still cannot make sure if request our external  dns  already added autodiscover records, does  this mean our  internal  DNS should  add the autodiscover SRV records as well?

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