Cottonmouth snakes are the only venomous water snake in North America and are part of the pit viper family that includes rattlesnakes, mamushi vipers, and more. Live Arrival Guarantee. The offspring are born with bright long patterned skin and are around 8 inches in length. Ships Priority Overnight. The banded water snake or southern water snake (Nerodia fasciata) is a species of mostly aquatic, nonvenomous, colubrid snake endemic to the central and southeastern United States. This Banded Watersnake feels threatened and is flattening its body and neck. HERE ARE SOME HIGHLIGHTS: This Species Originates Out Of The Americas Mainly From The Eastern To Central Range; With Proper Care These Snakes Can Live 10 – 15 Years In Captivity; Adults Are Growing Up To 24 – 55 Inches In Length NON-VENOMOUS. Awesome Baby Banded Water Snakes for sale at the lowest prices only at Underground Reptiles. However, for its length, the body of this snake is still more slender than the body of a water moccasin, AND the tail is much longer and thinner. Life Cycle of the Baby Banded Water Snake. HEAD AND NECK SIZE AND SHAPE Scientific name: Nerodia fasciata (LINNAEUS 1766) The following will separate the two Southern Water Snakes found in Florida.If you are unable to distinguish between them based on the characteristics in the key below, you probably can do so using the geographic location alone. Banded Water Snake Biology: The banded water snake also known as the Nerodia Fasciata Fasciata is one of the types of snakes that you rarely see.In the southern area of North America is mostly where these snakes are found. You came to the right place. Water snakes (even the baby snakes in Georgia) are able to dive and swim underwater. Florida Snake Identification Key Southern Water Snake. Northern and banded water snakes have brown markings on their skin, which give them a striking resemblance to copperheads or cottonmouths. Baby snakes are generally born during summer, between May and August, though the timing sometimes varies between subspecies. WE HAVE BABY NORTHERN BANDED WATER SNAKE FOR SALE. Georgia is home to five nonvenomous water snakes, all members the Nerodia genus: banded, brown, redbelly, green and northern. Over time, they have adopted many scientific names such as Natrix Sipedon Fasciata, Tropidonotous Fasciatus, and Coluber Fasciatus. 2. Think you saw a baby cottonmouth? Baby cottonmouths are as dangerous as their parents and learning how to identify them is an essential skill.

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