The gums become so due to intense riding or poor quality gums. You can still prevent the wobble effect by using a curve skater boosted by firm trucks. Tightening can be a solution to improve the performance of your skateboard. Should skateboard wheels be tight or loose? Tightening your trucks is pretty much like seasoning your food. Second, I’ll show you how to tighten or loosen your trucks if you deem it necessary. Jon has over 21 years of skateboarding experience, has over 10 years of skateboard instruction experience, and has focused mostly on producing street skateboarding videos and skating competitions. For a skateboard to perform correctly, you need to tighten it. It is unlikely that you will achieve the right set up from a first attempt. You can begin to tighten your trucks and make them more user-friendly. Keep it on a hard surface; this will allow you to hold the wheels and the truck firmly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The process will allow you to adjust if it is loose or tight. I’ll assume you’re a little heavy, or you just prefer skating tight. skateboard over two barrier image by DianaStrizhigotskaya from Turn your board upside down. If you find any, then replacing the truck will be a suitable option than tightening. Remove the truck hanger by removing the peg using your hex key or wrench. What if the trucks are too tight? or a Skate Tool that combines all of the above! However, there is an alternative action that you can apply to get similar results like: You can change the eraser if your truck has slip gums. TOS . "Finger Skate Board Tricks And Tips;" Susan Buntrock; 2000. You don’t need much effort this time; if not it will get too tight and also limit your motion. When you regain your confidence, you can increase your speed. Irrespective of the price, quality, and brand, a longboard or skateboard truck needs to be adjusted from time to time. And if it’s too tight, loosen it a little. Trucks that have been set a little tight aren’t necessarily better than loose ones and the reverse is also true. Don't tighten it too much or they can get damaged. If the board is extremely tight your movement also will be limited. You will need to fine-tune and keep testing until you arrive at the perfect set up. Stop at the pace that makes skating suitable. If your height increased or you gain more weight, the use of strong gums will be recommended. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Then, give them an equal number of turns when replacing them. Although in some cases, the truck can extremely tight. Learn more. Tilt them in up and down motion. That’s a frequently asked question mostly by beginners in skateboarding. That’s why you should keep testing and fine-tuning things until you get find the perfect setup. Jon Depoian. Get to the axle pin of your truck, this is also known as kingpin. How can I turn sharp turns if I tighten the trucks? X Tighten the pin and replace the handlebar of the truck. It could result from quality or deformation, either of the both can lead to deformation of the gum and this will, in turn, limit the movement of the skateboard and prevent it from cruising straight. The next phase is to ensure the board is tightened, using the following steps: Once the truck and all the parts are placed on the longboard (could be either an electric or standard model), run a quick check by taking a ride on it. Most often this happens when we skate on rough surfaces, and it also increases the risk of falls and accidents. The decision should come as a last resort. If you use your board regularly, learning to tighten your own trucks are essential. But should you even tighten your trucks in the first place? I remain committed to providing you with clear and accurate information so you can have better, smoother rides. Now, here’s the thing. Now you don’t need to stumble in confusion, take Nike’s advice and “Just Do It.” You can also share your experience in the comment box below. Keep it on a hard surface; this will allow you to hold the wheels and the truck firmly. Not to mention you’ll turn easier and faster. This article was co-authored by Jon Depoian. Also, consider grinding the corners of the bushings. In addition, setting up different skateboarding tricks tends to be easier than with tighter trucks. Let’s see…. 5 June 2020. Capristo has a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. The new skating board will improve your training experience as you maximize its abilities. Be extremely careful when cutting the notch into the plastic ink pipe with the razor sharp hobby knife. How to Dry Ski Gloves – 4 Easy Steps with Tips, Tricks & FAQs, Knee Walkers vs. Crutches: Weighing the Pros and Cons. If you have given this a couple of shots without a lasting solution, the ultimate decision here will be a total replacement. You can use this ink pipe as a wrench to tighten the hard to reach nut underneath the truck of the skateboard. You would need to adjust both sides, front and back, since it doesn't make sense for you to be able to ride with only one part adjusted. Multiple skaters prefer setting the back and front trucks differently. As a result, the skater may lose in turn and increase the stability. How to Break in New Shoes: The Best Method Discovered! Maybe the problem is the trucks themselves. But here’s good news. You need your wheels large and soft, and your trucks loose. PRIVACY POLICY . Hi, I’m Kevin Creator of based on helping you review and buy sports and outdoor gadgets.Through My blog you will gain sufficient info and improve your sports and outdoor experience. Once you’ve made the adjustment, noodle around on your board to figure out if you’ve hit your sweet spot or need to make additional adjustments. But should you even tighten your trucks in the first place? When you skate on the board, you will need to make adjustments on the trucks with time this will help. Expert Source For tips on how to make adjustments to your board’s trucks by adding risers or repacking the bushings, read on! In most cases, you won’t need to touch the smaller bolts, unless you’ve decided to change the trucks. Are you into longboard cruising? % of people told us that this article helped them. You can begin the actual work by using a skate tool or an adjustable wrench. Carefully cut a notch one to two millimeters long down the side of the plastic ink tube, starting at the open end. In addition, doing flip tricks as well as popping your board will start feeling like something you don’t want to do anymore. You can use the five bolts to attach your truck to the board. A good stakeboard should enable the user to skate while applying less effort. When you buy through links on this site, we may earn an affiliate commission that we use for site maintenance. For tips on how to make adjustments to your board’s trucks by adding risers or repacking the bushings, read on! You can still tighten the trucks or make other adjustments to your Tech Deck. Use the pencil as a wrench to tighten the nuts which hold the wheel to the axle. He has experience in public education, writing documents, lessons and teaching materials for Guilford County Schools. If you jump and feel an improvement, then your skateboard is in the right condition. Now that you’ve learned the basics of tightening your skateboard trucks, lets look at other related stuff you should know. or standard model), run a quick check by taking a ride on it. Make sure you tighten the trucks in very small increments (perhaps a quarter of a turn at a time before checking the board again), because a little bit of turning can affect it a lot. i need help b/c i lost the tool to tighten the trucks on my skateboard and i was wondering if i could use something else to tighten with. Many skaters prefer setting the front and back trucks differently. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. To tighten your skateboard trucks, start by flipping your board upside down and finding the big nut in the middle of the truck. However, loose board landings tend to be a little wobbly. However, you must understand the tightening procedures. Sometimes they get loose too often there’s no point trying to tighten them. Meanwhile, the back truck stays tight so you can have all the stability you need when popping your skateboard. If it appears too tight or too lose you will need to make the needed adjustment on the kingpin. By using our site, you agree to our. i need help b/c i lost the tool to tighten the trucks on my skateboard and i was wondering if i could use something else to tighten with. This handmade wrench can also loosen the wheel nut from the axle. Unluckily, you can fix your truck and still encounter the wobbling effect. Remember the phrase, "righty tighty, lefty loosey". Now let consider the steps involved when tightening the trucks. to deal with. If you answer yes to these questions, you’ve fine-tuned your skateboard just right. We believe you gained some value from this article on how to tighten the truck to your skateboard. The screwdriver from an eyeglass kit will also work for adjusting the screws which hold the truck to the Tech Deck board. all you need is something that can clench down on the nut.

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