They drew Maid Marian's role as a prototypical strong female character has also made her a popular focus in feminist fiction. Maid Marian Facts. [10] The 19th century antiquarian, Joseph Hunter, identified a Robert Hood, yeoman[11] from Wakefield, Yorkshire, in the archives preserved in the Exchequer, whose personal story matched very closely the story of Robin in Anthony Munday's play, and this Robert Hood also married a woman named Matilda, who changed her name to Marian when she joined him in exile in Barnsdale Forest (following the Battle of Boroughbridge) in 1322, and who also had a cousin named Elizabeth de Staynton[12] who was Prioress of Kirklees Priory. That the Maid Marian is a character from the 1952 live action Disney film, The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men. White's, Maid Marian was featured in the 1966 animated series, This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 17:44. Refusing to give up all his tax money and to allow his brother to return home safely, Prince John plans to disguise his men as Robin Hood's outlaws to steal his money back tomorrow while the Queen and the Archbishop are conveying the ransom through Sherwood Forest. [4] From this time, Maid Marian is also cast in terms of a noblewoman, even though her role was never entirely virginal and she retained aspects of her "shepherdess" or "May Day" characteristics; in 1592, Thomas Nashe described the Marian of the later May Games as being played by a male actor named Martin, and there are hints in the play of Robin Hood and the Friar that the female character in these plays had become a lewd parody. During the journey, she is joined by Allan-a-Dale the minstrel, whom she generously paid for his singing, and Midge the Miller. and she entered the band. The maid part of her name is dropped, or she is called Lady Marion instead. She has become a very important part of the legend. thy hand, hold thy hand," said There have always been strong women in history, and some of them were warriors. In some tales the happy couple refuse to marry until the Merry Men are pardoned, hence she is called "Maid Marian". Fairy tale Main article: Robin Hood Relationships Family. She gets one tiny mention in a classic children's book. At first, Marian seems shocked since she remains oblivious to the fact that Robin Hood is in fact the Earl she is to marry until the King reveals him to her. She is the Earl of Huntingdon's daughter, Robin Hood's childhood playmate friend, love interest, and Queen Eleanor's maid. Maid Marian is based on the character of the same name from the Robin Hood ballads. To avoid embarrassment and suspicion, Prince John has the Sheriff donate as well (1,187 marks) while Robin and his men inconspicuously empty out the rest of the treasury (more than 10,000 marks) into one big chest and present it forth to the donation in front of everyone too, thus, the deliverance of their King is assured; much to the Prince and the Sheriff's shock. Both a "Robin" and a "Marian" character were associated with May Day by the 15th century, but these figures were apparently part of separate traditions; the Marian of the May Games is likely derived from the French tradition of a shepherdess named Marion and her shepherd lover Robin, recorded in Adam de la Halle's Le Jeu de Robin et Marion, circa 1283. Robin Sometimes she lives as an outlaw with Robin and is as good an archer and swordsman as he is. Taking a cue from the ballad story, Marian disguised herself as a man -- the mysterious Night Watchman. When the Sheriff tries to object on behalf of the Prince, Robin and his men (disguised as peasants) make him pay 1,000 marks; an act which provokes the crowd to ask for as well from him. Marian, Allan-a-Dale, and Midge confronted by Robin, Marian presenting Robin and his men's contributions at the donation, Marian feeding Robin barley and broth as Friar Tuck helps her do it, Marian and Robin's second and final kiss as they prepare to be married at Huntingdon Manor. In these stories, she's usually just called Marion or Marian. There's an old saying that behind every great man is a great woman. There have been several books based on the fictional character: Robin Hood's Birth, Breeding, Valor, and Marriage, The Downfall of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon, The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, "The Downfall of Robert, Earle of Huntington", "Robin Hood: Ghosts of Sherwood (2012) Full Cast & Crew", "Eve Hewson Landing Maid Marian In 'Robin Hood: Origins' Opposite Taron Egerton",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Maid Marian appears in a chapter of T.H. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. MAID MARIAN was built to a high standard with Jarrah planking below the waterline and Oregon on the topsides. they went, Kids and Adults Maid Marian Costumes. Don't underestimate this "Lady Wolfshead"! 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[10] If these parallels are not coincidental, then the Marian of Robin Hood fame, whose origins may be distinct from the Marian of the May games or of Monday's play, may derive all her roots from her association with the historical Robert Hood of Wakefield. Robin was originally called Ryder. Theresa Tomlinson's Forestwife novels (1993–2000) are told from Marian's point of view, portray Marian as a high-born Norman girl escaping entrapment in an arranged marriage. out their swords, and to Maid Marian has long, curly velvet red hair, green eyes, and fair skin. [13], In an Elizabethan play, Anthony Munday identified Maid Marian with the historical Matilda, daughter of Robert Fitzwalter, who had to flee England because of an attempt to assassinate King John (legendarily attributed to King John's attempts to seduce Matilda). [7] Clorinda survives in some later stories as an alias of Marian. With the aid of her nurse, she runs away to Sherwood Forest, where she becomes acquainted with Robin Hood and his men.

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