The name Lilo is suitable for baby born in Persons are very heady, and tend to over think rather than experience life, Persons are a compassionate person who feels things deeply, Persons know where the moral high ground is, and always try to take it. She keeps a picture of them under her pillow and initially would not allow Stitch to touch it (rejecting him when his fight with Jumba caused her house and the picture to become damaged). Lilo finds him unconscious on the peak of a mountain. She initially tries to tell her friends about it, but stops and becomes friends with them again. Lilo as a girls' name is a Hebrew name, and the meaning of the name Lilo is "God is my oath". The Lion Guard: Kion • Ono • Bunga • Beshte • Fuli where he is voiced by Keith Silverstein, and Stitch & Ai where he is voiced by an uncredited Richard Epcar. Though Lilo technically owns Stitch by Hawaiian state law, the relationship between the two is more like siblings and best friends. Lilo, Stitch, Reuben, and other experiments rally together to defeat the entire Leroy army by singing "Aloha ʻOe" (during Leroy's creation, the song was playing and if heard again, Leroy and the clones would shut down). It has been suggested that this section be, This section only covers the basics of the experiments. Very easygoing, he is a close and supportive friend to both Pelekai sisters, having helped them out several times; in the original film, for example, he offers Lilo and Nani to go spend time together surfing when both girls felt defeated in trying and failing to accomplish their goals (Nani finding a job and Lilo taming Stitch). at the Magic Kingdom, when Gantu gave guests a quick look at the "criminals" of the galaxy. anime. Lilo had gone to college, and they planned to meet by the beach when she returned, but when that day came, Nani was in labor and caused Lilo to be late. She has also appeared in various video and mobile games, including Line Corporation's Disney Tsum Tsum, Bandai Namco's Disney Tsum Tsum Festival, Gameloft's Disney Magic Kingdoms and Disney Getaway Blast, and PerBlue's Disney Heroes: Battle Mode. Lilo refuses to give the experiments, as they are Stitch's family. Angel makes costumed character appearances in the Disney Parks, mostly at Tokyo Disney Resort and Disneyland Paris, usually appearing with Stitch or with other experiments. After Lilo discovers it's an experiment she tries to convince Victoria not to slay it, but to catch it and try to make friends with it, pointing out that the experiments can be turned from bad to good. In Lilo & Stitch, he was called upon to assist mad scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba in tracking down Experiment 626, which had escaped to the planet Earth. Stitch is madly in love with her and she shares the same feeling; they call each other their "boojiboo", a word in their Tantalog language meaning "loved one". The other majority of her family are elsewhere, her father is out at work a lot as a marine biologist around Okinawa, and her mother died when she was an infant. The name Lilo means Generous One and is of Hawaiian origin. Keep in mind that many names may have different meanings in other countries and languages, so be careful that the name that you choose doesn’t mean something bad or unpleasant. Monsters, Inc.: Boo • Needleman • Waxford • C.D.A. Lilo and her ʻohana have their own hula recital centered on how love is more powerful than death. Marvel's Women of Power: Wasp • Elektra • Captain Marvel • She-Hulk • Spider-Woman However, her strong sense of justice is what makes her a tomboy, and that shows against evildoers like Dr. Hämsterviel, and against rivals like Penny and her gang of bullies. Lilo is a young girl with long, straight black hair and brown eyes. She is very adventurous, brave, and clever, easily coming up with strategies to capture the experiments and never showing fear in the face of the many life-threatening dangers to her life that she faces while capturing the experiments. The Little Mermaid: Ariel • Flounder • Sebastian • Ursula • King Triton • Prince Eric When the Grand Councilwoman arrives on earth to take Stitch into custody, Lilo shows the certificate from the dog pound, showing Stitch is now legally in her possessions and points out that taking Stitch from her would be stealing. Several times Hämsterviel has been personally affected by the experiments. Popularity of the first name Liló in 30 countries. The name Lilo having moon sign as Aries is represented by The Ram and considered as Cardinal . He has also completely memorized the number and technical info on every one of Stitch's "cousins" he created. In "Mr. Stenchy", his antenna is shown to be a form of sensory organ similar to a human nose (although it functions somewhat differently, allowing Pleakley to ignore or appreciate odors which a human would consider noxious or horrible). Lilo is also present on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship were she and Stitch hula to "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" in the show Disney Wishes!. Three years after Jumba's experiments were scattered across Kauai, Hawaii, Lilo and Stitch had rounded up and reformed 624 experiments. The feminine name Lilo is used in "Lilo! After naming him "Leroy", Dr. Hämsterviel used a cloning machine to create an army, then sent the original Leroy down to Earth to capture the 624 experiments remaining there. He later quits his job at Galactic Alliance Community College and returns to Earth to be part of Lilo's family once again. Persons with the name Lilo, are Charismatic, cheeky and sociable fun-lovers, adaptable to change and adore colorful bright surroundings. The Movie) to capture experiments for Hämsterviel, fighting against—and usually losing to—Lilo and Stitch who want to tame the experiments. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White • Dopey • Magic Mirror • The Evil Queen • Grumpy • The Prince Source Mr. and Mrs. Pelekai were characters mentioned in the 2002 Disney animated feature film Lilo & Stitch as the late parents of Nani and Lilo. Lilo does not appear until episode 23 of the Shin-Ei Animation-produced ~Best Friends Forever~ (Season 3), where she, now a fully grown woman, visits Okinawa's Newtown with her daughter named Ani (who looks incredibly like her when she was a child and whom Stitch thought was Lilo in the beginning). Since babies are not able to recall what they have done till the age of 3, their recording machine in the brain is not functional till then. The content is copyrighted to The Meaning Of The Name and may not be reproduced on other websites without written permission. Aside from his lifting capacity and enormous girth, Gantu is a respected captain of the Galactic Federation (or at least he used to be), can dance the hula (as seen in the episode "Clip") and does have many skills. Nonetheless, she is sweet and believes in the good of everyone as shown through her interactions with Gantu and the experiments, especially Stitch. at the Magic Kingdom, when Gantu gave guests a quick look at the "criminals" of the galaxy; Reuben's name is rendered as "SixTwoFive" in the franchise's fictional Tantalog script, since the ride opened before Leroy & Stitch was released. Later, as he prepares to eject Stitch to Earth, Stitch escapes just as Ventus comes aboard the ship. anime, which made it the only time in the franchise that she doesn't play a major role, but many would still question her absence. These 16 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Lilo. She is voiced by Daveigh Chase in all the films and Lilo & Stitch: The Series, except Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch where she was voiced by Dakota Fanning. The name Lilo is ranked on the 8,699th position of the most used names. He leaves his tiki necklace on the beach before flying away in his ship, and by the time Lilo arrives, he had already left, and cries when she finds his necklace.

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