The introductory segment drags on a bit, reminding me a bit in style of Edward Bellamy's 'Looking Backward' (1888). The King is Yellow is gimmicky copycat weirdness. The first four stories are horror stories concerning a book called "The King in Yellow," a play which has an effect on its readers, causing strange visions and erratic behavior. The Clown turned his powdered face to the mirror. They are fictional too. The first four or five stories in the book are very effective horror stories that sort or revolve around a play called "The King in Yellow." The stories are in this collection are told in a somewhat leisurely fashion, but stick with them. So, three and a half stars total. By the time I finished watching a few episodes, I knew I was witnessing one of the best damn TV show ever produced. He himself has a monster feather that is supposed to be from the bird and he learns that the lady has her own “proofs” that shall overcome all doubters. As an editor and bibliographer he was responsible for many well-regarded collections of genres and even single authors (like this one). Well, the first four stories are weird horror classics. The stories don't go anywhere and don't have any effect on you except in contrast to the great stories that begin the book. Later he is told by the Art editor to make a sketch of a woman’s corpse to verify that her ring is of a different design than that of a missing heiress. Lovecraft to Clark Ashton Smith to Karl Edward Wagner and beyond. Those stories are ones that I will definitely be re-reading in the future. _The King in Yellow_ was one of them. Where flap the tatters of the King, But stranger still is if you are at all familiar with this author or classic Weird Fiction in general, then you know the drill. When he awakes in the church he believes that he has only fallen asleep and had a bad dream. The book could be categorized as early horror fiction or Victorian Gothic, but it also touches on fantasy, mystery, war, romance, mythology, surrealism, and science-fiction. The Messenger It's a poignant, bittersweet piece about the role of women in society, and cultural expectations. The next (The Street of the First Shell) is about horrors of war which takes place in war-torn Paris. Really. I read the collection, and here we are! The stories in the first section (for which the book is best known) were fabulous (in the literal sense of the word), to one degree or another, including the aforementioned SF story ("The Repairer of Reputations"), "The Yellow There's something ... disquieting about reading a science fiction story written in the late 1890s and set in the fabulous future of 1920. This is a curious collection of stories. I run Global Grey entirely on my own.     Lost Carcosa. This is one of many books I've purchased because the cover is cool and I've never heard of it or the author before. The auks are real and the protagonist arranges for their transport while staying with the owner. The King in Yellow - Ebook written by Robert W. Chambers. The King in Yellow is a rather surreal collection of short stories by Robert W. Chambers published in 1895. Ultra-short stories? a fifth, "The Demoiselle d'Ys", is an elegant, wispy ghost story/romance - and is also quite traditional. --Professional formatting, giving you full control over fonts, font sizes, and line spacing, The epic fantasy novel that defined the genre, now in one volume, The classic fantasy about a young man who travels through a mystical reflecting glass into a hidden world, "Every story of The King in Yellow has something riveting about it … so perfectly realized, they became the model for much of twentieth-century horror/fantasy." He is also credited with having influenced some horror writers including H.P. Recommended for fans of classic horror! A man who is reclusive and works as a 'restorer of reputations' keeps a cat who mauls him ferociously and rolls around on the floor his legs curled up towards the ceiling like a dead spider. Camilla: You, sir, should unmask. The next one (The Street of the Four Winds) defies the qualifications. Note: E. F. Bleiler was a scholar of detective, fantasy, and science fiction. I found the last two of these tales to be the most humorous. (Personal footnote: I love this book so much, I once wrote a story for an anthology based on THE KING IN YELLOW. This kind of stuff is all through his stories, and if you grow impatient with the stories themselves, just stop and marvel at the words. A hunter, lost on the moors, encounters a strangely old-fashioned young woman out hunting with her falcon, who offers him shelter at her manor. He attempts to dismiss his irrational fears, but they only seem to be compounded with the strange and morbid dreams his favorite model has been having, and disturbing tales from neighbors... said Death, "for I am paler still." The stories are scattered all over the map between horror and romance, but all generally have ties to France as a setting, the later ones moving more and more into romance and increasingly starring artists. This book has 217 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1895. These shorts were loosely connected by a play in book form titled The King in Yellow. Is she just a lonely and isolated girl or is something uncanny at play? After the four short stories came some very quick ... vignettes? His narrator in these stories is a very strong character and when I stopped expecting horror from his stories, I enjoyed them quite a bit. This story is wonderfully weird - and disturbing on several levels. To view it, click here. Robert W. Chambers' finest stories from other sources have also been added, such as the thrilling "Maker of Moons" and "The Messenger." (Both of these stories are from the collection, “The Maker of Moons”.) This collection mentions horror in its title; this is misleading as only first four stories can be qualified for this genre. Here lies fantasy, deception, jealousy, and madness. The self-same stony-faced spinster and her youthful (and pretty) associate Professor Van Twiller join the secretary and his guide on an expedition beyond the Hudson Mountains to find living examples of the Dingue and the Mammoth.

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