... ;) !! He returns back in an hour, his mouth stained with blood. He's walking home, excited, and the weather's clearing up and the sun is coming out. You guys are always underestimating me. I need blood, and I don’t want to kill anyone.”, The nun in the passenger seat yells "What should I do!". "Hello, do you have a minute to talk about Dracula?". The full details of the Joker's earlier history in this universe are unknown, but he and Batman have clearly fought before, their history at this point most likely resembling the pre-Robin encounters they had in Earth-1. The full details of the Joker's earlier history in this universe are unknown, but he and Batman have clearly fought before, their history at this point most likely resembling the pre-Robin encounters they had in Earth-1. ", The second vampire pulls a used tampon out of his pocket and says, "today I'm having tea.". The first vampire stands up, and flies into the window of the hotel room. :). Does anyone know how to select the other models? Although he arranged for Gordon and Alfred to stake him to stop him harming anyone else, the subsequent months Batman spent rotting and paralysed by the stake- staking only immobilizing the vampire unless decapitation occurred as well- drove him even more insane, fully aware of the decay his body was experiencing and unable to do anything other than think about the blood he had taken from the Joker. I would like to use it as malkavian due his madness \O/. The Beano Joke Generator is here year-round for jokes on any subject! One says "Let's split up and meet back here in twenty minutes, and see who's found the best place to dine this evening.". ", That, kids, is what's known as PREMATURE EDRACULATION. Because vampires die if they touch holy water, and they bless the rains down in Africa. He’s quite long in the tooth. None. "M_Body4" "models/character/pc/male/brujah/armor3/brujah_male_armor_3.mdl" The first vampire stands up, and flies into the window of the hotel room. What is a vampire's favorite storm? A vampire walks into a bar, he goes over to the bar and says"Bartender I would like two shots of blood." Thanks :) Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community. A vampire split up with his girlfriend after she had a blood test. So they decided to test their strength practically. "M_Body1" "models/character/pc/male/brujah/armor1/brujah_male_armor_1.mdl" Man: so you disintegrate when you see the sun? “You gotta help me out. The youngest of the three says “You know what? Because the can’t come without an invitation. Cheap mirror, excellent condition; Never used. I hope you like it. He says to the bartender "Hi. Leading these last few vampires into a warehouse, the Joker attempted to capture Batman and Selina in an ambush, but the plan resulted in the deaths of all his minions, the vampires' attempts to shoot the two with crossbows completely missing their targets. Now he's not much of a baker, so he decided to walk to the store from some of that fine, premade cookie dough. The easy way is to open vdata then system then clandoc000. Psychotic However, Batman's new thirst for blood drove him to stalk the streets of Gotham and hunt down his other enemies, draining their blood and decapitating them to prevent them returning as more vampires. Luckily, it happens to be a bar that serves vampires and quick as a tick the bartender hands over a long glass of blood, to which the vampire slurps it down happily. Console comands are messy read my comment above instead. Enraged at Selina's death, Batman pursued Joker into the church, Joker having filled the interior with crosses as part of his last trap. ha HA.. hahahaHAaaAaa, Somebody bring a Golden Globe Awards for this fella!!! "M_Body3" "models/character/pc/male/brujah/armor3/brujah_male_armor_3.mdl" The nun driving says "Show him your cross!". Unknown Batman Arkham Asylum Music Video "Batmans Fight" (Skillet ,Hero) - Duration: 3 … I’ll show you what I’m capable of.”. New and classic vampire jokes! Hello, I dropped the file into the directory as directed and it worked but I can only get the first model (armor 0) to show up in character creation. Just download it over the Vampire directory. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Again, congrats for your great work. Doug MoenchKelley Jones It turns out swallowing vampire is as dangerous as eating bat. Abilities: General Information I have sucked dry all of the villagers' blood". Remnants of Dracula's 'family' Real name: Make this Halloween season one full of the best vampire jokes out there. If you know a way to port this to malk let's us know. Because an open casket ceremony costs more. However, the Joker was shocked upon discovering that Batman is immune to traditional vampire weaknesses (such as crosses) as he has never drunk human blood. https://batman.fandom.com/wiki/The_Joker_(Earth-43)?oldid=217334. Just download it over the Vampire directory. The other two vampires. Disgusted at how the vampires have gone 'soft' from 'living large' Joker steps in himself after Creach's death, only for Selina to intercept the crossbow bolt aimed at Batman as he killed the last vampire. Once you done that you just need to replace the malkavian male script with this: It's turning. Portrayed by: I hope you like it. "M_Body0" "models/character/pc/male/brujah/armor0/brujah_male_armor_0.mdl" The Joker of Earth-43 was, like in many realities, the greatest enemy of Batman, who had become a vampire. Reasoning that he needs a new and unexpected trap to catch Batman off-guard, the Joker kills the priest of a local church to use as the setting for his 'bat-trap'. Created by: The first one transforms into a bat and flies away. Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Because vampires can't come inside without permission. ######OTHER DETECTIVE [Holding up bloody BBQ fork]: “I just got turned,” Ted tells him. To kill a French vampire, you need to stick a baguette through his heart. The Joker And what does a person say when they earn their red wings? 274,837 views; 11 years ago; 3:44. Instead, he offers to help. I knew a vampire who gave up acting … The bartender reaches behind the bar, and pours him two shots of blood. Stricken with guilt and self-loathing at his murder of the Joker, Batman fled the church where the Joker had died, convinced that, at the last, the Joker has won by turning him into a monster as bad as Dracula and even the Clown Prince of Crime himself, Batman having drunk the Joker's blood in a predatory act of rage rather than any sense of 'justice'. I have tried changing the names of the other armor files and deleting armor 0 but that just brings back the original skin. Eventually, Alfred convinced himself that his master couldn't be evil despite his transformation given that the Joker had been his sole victim, prompting him to remove the stake, thus freeing Batman from the paralysis. VAMPIRE JOKER (Joker Music Tribute) - Duration: 106 seconds. Although the Joker successfully coordinates their efforts to turn and take control of all of Gotham's major crime families (intending to expand from there to turn the rest of Gotham, and then the rest of the country), he soon learns while dining at a club owned by now-vampire Manny the Shark that his old enemy, Batman, has also become 'involved' with vampires, the difference being that Batman is now a vampire himself where the Joker merely works with them. Apparently, Buffy the Vampire Slayer wasn't the right answer. Impressed by his nerve and acknowledging his point about their short-term actions, the vampires (with the vampire Creach as the Joker's 'right-fang-man') agree to let the Joker lead them as a human so long as his leadership produces results. The Joker would fit a malkavian playtrough very well. SergenteSonu. The first nun leans out the window and yells "GET OFF MY BLOODY CAR! Driven by pain and grief at the knowledge that Selina's love had been destroyed by the Joker, Batman drank the Joker's blood, reveling in the taste for the moment before he realized what he had done and became vulnerable to the crosses. Click here for more information. Sink your teeth into these funny vampire jokes from Beano! He vampirizes Steve Trevor and Etta Candy before being killed by Wonder Woman. Someone already blessed the rains down in Africa, The bartender says "what is this, some kind of joke?? I know an elderly vampire. I rename the archives for malk, but the model is a problem because I can't recompile the model when I descompile that. haha .. and well I did it like a Brujah. You can kill the vampire by stabbing a wooden peg in his heart. He is revealed to have survived and attacked Pre-Crisis Gotham with Catwoman and Poison Ivy. This is most awesome skin than I saw. The other two ask him where he got it from. "M_Body5" "models/character/pc/male/brujah/armor3/brujah_male_armor_3.mdl", ohh also be sure NOT to replace the ones on the bottom, you will need them, and dont forget to download and edit it with notepad++. Well, I received a comment about a model about the Joker, I tried to adapt it to the Malkavian model, but I had a lot of problems, but I thought the joker is also an Anarchist.

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