Fortunately for RMW's new owner, LVMH, the few other Australian makers of men's casual and dress shoes and boots left don't do a great deal of advertising (often not even addressing the fact their products are locally made, perhaps because without paying the annual Australian Made licence fee they erroneously think they're precluded from such representations). I've just picked up a pair of Kangaroo Craftsman RM's., If you do go with RMs I'd suggest going to try them on in the shop and then ordering them from here to save some money. I can't understand why others do but because they do I sell mine once I don't use them anymore. In an RM Williams convert. One of the LV trust investment institution in Singapore bought 49% of shares from RMW, but even before it sold shares to LV, it still increases price every year. I've been given Aussie-made RM William jeans, a jumper and shirts as presents a long time ago and they're fantastic quality. Damn straight. I only sell high end designer shoes that actually sell for reasonable amounts and as I have so many shoes those I sell are usually in as new condition apart from a bit of wear on the soles but I still don't get how people buy second hand. I've worn them for ages but still feel and look brand new. If you treat your RMWs well, they'll last you for many, many years. I am still trying to decide what to do, and after shoe shopping over the holidays I think you're right about RM's being the deal of the century. Wonder what the quality/comfort/reliability of these are like? Like all of you who own R.M. The leather used for the uppers is high quality and tends to look better as it ages. Rossi Boots (SA) and Redback Shoes (Sydney) offer AU-made dress and casual boots, but I'm not sure how they're constructed. Where can I get them cheaper?? In which case... buying shoes that were worn once so you can wear them once (and sell or give them away) makes a bit of sense. I have a question about the inside leather footbed. RMW boots, on the other hand, are made to last decades. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Maybe there is just a gap in the market for high quality shoes that can serve a smart and casual look. Those who do some digging discover that there are very few bootmakers left in the country, at any price range, who can produce a boot comparable in quality with a trusty GYW. Definitely RMW. This subreddit is a place to post sales, ask for advice, share useful tips and all that jazz as long as it pertains in general to menswear in Australia! There is also Wootten (Prahran) who make Blake-stitched (including Rapid) shoes and boots. An interesting article about the impending death of Australian shoemaking. There will likely always be a few self-titled 'bespoke' local outfits perfectly happy to take up the challenge, but from what I've been able to gather the prices are often in the thousands given that less machinery and more handiwork is employed. There was a suit store in Queens plaza that stocked Crockett and Jones, but they’ve shut down now. I went and ordered it elsewhere online, wore them for a couple of weeks and they didn't stretch at all. You'd have to keep checking back to see if your size pops up. Women buy "statement" accessories to go really well with a dress. Polishing flat surfaces is easy, but polishing complex curved surfaces presents a whole new set of problems. Either way, I don't think RM's are becoming part of a uniform, they're just the most readily accessible quality maker of a classic shoe. Boutiques include Young & Rich (NT) who hand welt, John Karandonis (Sydney), Claire Best (Brunswick), Montagio (Sydney CBD, Brisbane CBD), Roberts & Hassett (Melb CBD) who hand welt, Steppin' Out (Haberfield), Rachel Ayland (Bangalow) and Bespoke Shoes (Mosman). Totally shocked me. They are reasonably priced at around $500 upwards. As in a leather chelsea boot? The boot isn’t a wholecut, so it’s not really comparable to RM Williams boots, which are made from one single piece of leather with a seam up the back. Edit: made in Australia as of 2015, MuHughs shoes sydney is another local maker worth adding to the list, Probably also worth noting that its much easier now than ever before to get well built imported shoes - whether retail (eg double monk melbourne and sydney) or online (eg Who does RM Williams compete against? Well, I did that, and they didn't stretch, so she kept her word and I now have a much better size. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We will only use it to contact you to confirm your post. The most you'd have to do is put in a new insole and get some polish to buff out a few scuffs. I recently bought these. I don't buy much second hand or anything bar screen protectors on eBay (and gumtree I never even venture on) I just don't get how or why people buy second hand shoes is all. Nungar does RM Willaims MTO for 285 AUD., However, it feels very difficult to clearly establish what my options are for the boots. It's not much, considering that I like to have different shoes for different purposes – you would't run 10 km in ballet flats or walk the dog in pouring rain in good heels, right? Interested to hear what other people think? Worth noting that LVMH has made quite a few changes to RMW's manufacturing process - they are not the same boots they were a few years ago. Rmw is owned by Prada or louis vuitton that's why so expensive. Long story short, it's expensive enough as it is, and to me the peace of mind in knowing that you can exchange boots if they fuck up your sizing is worth the money you'd save. Talk to him, he is the master at RM Williams. After about 5000 wears you replace the elastic sides. One pair running shoes. There aren't many companies that make whole-cut boots and most well-known shoe makers that sell chelsea boots (the name for the RMW style of boot) charge a few hundred more than RMW does for a boot that's not a wholecut (unlike RMW). Cheap corrected grain leather, not resoleable, yet somehow still $200+? They make GYW boots, and their website alludes to them being Australian made, but doesn't outright say it. Not to mention, stacks and stacks of colours. If you buy 3-4 pairs – and you know your size in that brand so you know what size to buy – well those 80/600/5000 wears take a long time to roll around. Mongrel Boots (Sydney) make their boots here, but their range might well be cemented. That's it. Press J to jump to the feed. You'll pay more now for a pair of RMW, but they will last a very long time if you look after them. The guy in the RM store swore I was a certain size, despite it feeling a bit too tight on me in the store ("it'll stretch"). France Shoes (Brunswick), Lester Shoes (Preston), Roccos (Malvern), and McCloud Shoes (Melb CBD) with their Parigina and Modena lines turn out dress shoes here but, from my understanding, they all come exclusively with cemented soles. IMPORTANT: BEFORE POSTING PLEASE CHECK THE DATE OF THE LAST POST OF THIS THREAD. Get your first pair fitted correctly and pay the $400. You're getting a world-class pair of boots that are made here in Australia for much less than you'd pay for a pair of boots from Crockett & Jones or Alfred Sargent and for much, much less than Edward Green or John Lobb Paris would charge. But RM's should definitely make the short list... why do they only make that style of shoes? Forgive my slightly digressive post here, but I wanted to add a brief overview of the existing Australian shoemaking landscape to help people who value both quality and local manufacture when it comes to their buying habits. That's so cheap it hurts. _Machiavelli_. They are worth it. Most if not all styles from Baxter Boots are now made in China; the last of the local run appears to be the Henry Baxter Dress Boot. They are reasonably priced at around $500 upwards. Fashion advice for blokes, from any mate. Best brand I’ve been able to find in Brisbane is Loakes at DJs. Personally, I fell head over heels for Chestnut. Really painful to wear. Most of those shoes have rubber soles that are simply glued on to the upper of the shoe, and the uppers are made out of really cheap leather that has been covered with a plastic-like finish to make it look shiny, but which ages very poorly. the thing is : you buy a pair for $300.You reheel them after about 80 wears if you're on concrete all day in them for about $60.You resole them after about 600 wears for about $80. It's my second pair. It's more than a hundred dollars cheaper then what RM Williams charges. IMPORTANT: BEFORE POSTING PLEASE CHECK THE, Mizzen+Main Buy More, Save More - Limited Time Offer, $150 shipped CONUS Allen Edmond Normandy Boots, Size 9D, Get 15% off Custom Dress Shirts at Deo Veritas. However, the thing that troubles me is the idea of them. This thread has made me want to get my rm boots out again haven't worn them in years. Maybe only some of their stock? Look out for sales as sometimes with the comfort craftsmen they throw in extras like boat shoes (super comfy) out drizabone jackets. To compound the issue, their would-be customers don't always do a great deal of researching. Yeah you can mention the other types of boots out there that are Australian made but they are generally blake stitched or cemented and perhaps $100 cheaper than RM Williams or in fact the same price! It depends on what you want – long-term and classic, or cheap and cheerful (that you will discard without regrets after two seasons). So I'm looking at buying a nice belt and a pair of dress boots from RM Williams but they're so damn expensive!!! Where can I get them cheaper?? It's a timeless piece of footwear, and versatile across many styles.

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