The Giants responded with a 21-yard field goal from kicker Matt Bahr to put New York back on top 20-19 and, in the dying seconds, Buffalo’s Scott Norward had the chance to seal the game with a 47-yard field goal, only to see it fly wide right of the uprights. Pro-Football-Reference utilizes Official NFL data for current NFL seasons. Buffalo then crushed the Los Angeles Raiders 51–3, the most lopsided score in AFC Championship Game history. The Giants are the National Conference champions, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the local N.F.L. This marked the second time in Super Bowl history that Tampa had hosted the game. We present them here for purely educational purposes. Super Bowl XXV was the first Super Bowl to feature two teams from the same state. To counteract the Bills' no-huddle offense, the Giants' used a tough-nosed, conservative plan on both sides of the ball. Houston’s performance attracted strong critical claim and was later released as a single, making it to position 40 in the charts. Then, from a shotgun formation on the Giants' 31-yard line, Thomas took an inside handoff and bolted up the middle. Giants Use Unusual Defenses. Both teams played enough good football today. Jeff Hostetler completed 20 of 32 passes for 222 yards and a touchdown, and rushed for 10 yards. Or write about sports? Their outstanding defense was led by future Hall of Fame defensive back Ronnie Lott and linebacker Charles Haley, who led the NFC in sacks. Tight end Keith McKeller contributed 34 receptions for 464 yards and five touchdowns. The Bills and the Giants entered the game using contrasting styles: While the Bills led the league in total points scored (428), the Giants led the league in fewest points allowed (211). Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. For the Super Bowl that was played at the completion of the 1991 season, see. 1991 Super Bowl XXVI Champions Take a look back at the Redskins' 1991 Super Bowl victory over the Buffalo Bills, 37-24! However, except for a 61-yard touchdown pass from Montana to wide receiver John Taylor, the Giants contained the 49ers' offense very well. In the teams' local markets, the game was carried on WNEW-AM in New York City with Jim Gordon, Dick Lynch, and Karl Nelson and WGR in Buffalo, New York with Van Miller, Ed Rutkowski, and Pete Weber. The Bills' no-huddle K-Gun offense worked well enough for Kelly to finish the regular season as the top-rated quarterback in the NFL (101.2), throwing for 2,829 yards, 24 touchdowns, and only nine interceptions. He was the Giants' quarterback only because Phil Simms suffered a severely sprained right foot six weeks ago against the Bills. The contrast in strategies was evident during the first quarter. The NFL in its 100 Greatest Games series ranked it at number 10.[8]. Hostetler passed bravely and, when he had the protection, accurately. On the Bills' ensuing possession, they could only advance to their own 41-yard line before having to punt, enabling the Giants to take more time off the clock. The opening play of the fourth quarter saw Buffalo recapture the lead after Thurman Thomas put in a 31-yard run for a touchdown that put the Bills ahead 20-19. Brent Musburger hosted all the events with the help of then-ABC Sports analysts Bob Griese and Dick Vermeil, Musburger's regular color commentator on ABC's college football telecasts. Unlike the Giants, the Bills routinely used the no-huddle tactic to storm down the field and score points very quickly. 2Carries The halftime show was later shown on tape delay after the game at around 10:40 EST, although most ABC affiliates ran the first episode of Davis Rules following the Super Bowl, and may have televised the remaining parts of the halftime show later. He broke to the right, away from Gary Reasons and Myron Guyton of the Giants, and scored. Anderson won the first Pete Rozelle Trophy as the Super Bowl's most valuable player. Whitney Houston’s performance of the Star-Spangled Banner attracted critical acclaim and was later released as a hit single. The following Sunday, the Giants upset the San Francisco 49ers 15–13 in the NFC Championship Game. Kicker Scott Norwood then recovered a fumble from Miami on the ensuing kickoff, allowing the Bills to put the game away with Kelly's 26-yard touchdown pass to Andre Reed. The winners of the tournament, however, continued to represent some of the biggest names in poker. In the teams' local markets, the local ABC stations aired the game in the New York City and Buffalo markets (WABC-TV 7 in New York City and WKBW-TV 7 in Buffalo). Share this story. On the play, Smith had a chance to force a fumble, since Hostetler was holding the football with only his throwing hand. On December 15, in another nationally televised game, the Bills completed a season sweep at Giants Stadium, beating the Giants 17–13, a game which was close, but would prove to be not as close as this one. Last Sunday, the Giants got to Super Bowl XXV with a field goal on the final play of the game. On third down and 8 yards to go, Hostetler passed 4 yards to Meggett. With America involved in the Gulf War,[11] the positive response to the rousing performance was overwhelming; it would later see a release as a single and a video. CBS aired the game nationally on radio. Jack Buck served as play-by-play with Hank Stram as color commentator. Ingram caught a short pass and broke five Buffalo tackles to get the first down and keep the drive alive. We appreciate your understanding. Frank Litsky, Special To the New York Times. The Giants set a Super Bowl record-holding possession of the ball for 40 minutes and 33 seconds. In that drive, New York ran five rushing plays and five passing plays. That lineup lends itself to big plays. Norwood kicked. San Francisco's offense was considered the best in the NFC, led by future Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and wide receiver Jerry Rice. [9], The game was broadcast in the United States by the American Broadcasting Company (ABC), featuring the Monday Night Football broadcast team of play-by-play announcer Al Michaels and color commentators Frank Gifford and Dan Dierdorf. Instead, they televised a special ABC News report anchored by Peter Jennings on the progress of the Gulf War. 5Times targeted, Super Bowl XXV was the first Super Bowl where no new player records were set. Neft, David S., Cohen, Richard M., and Korch, Rick. James Lofton caught seven passes for 149 yards and a touchdown. The Bills took over on their 10-yard line with 2:16 remaining. The Bills' defense dominated the Raiders' offense, which was without running back Bo Jackson, who suffered a career-ending injury against the Cincinnati Bengals the week before, limiting them to an early field goal and intercepting five passes from quarterback Jay Schroeder. [2] Because of the small size of the field, fewer people were paid than in previous tournaments and the prestige of winning the events suffered a setback that doomed the SBOP and made 1991 the last year for the tournament.[2]. However, before the Bills' defenders had a chance to catch their breath, they found themselves back on the field trying to contain another long Giants drive. Also, sponsors Coca-Cola and Diet Pepsi had to withdraw planned contest promotions or advertisements, due to the Gulf War situation. On both sidelines, players stood without expression, watching their season about to end in triumph or disappointment. Four times on that drive, the Giants faced third downs. PepsiCo's contest, a heavily promoted $3 million giveaway in which viewers would be invited to call a toll-free number during the first three quarters; with the caller receiving a Diet Pepsi coupon and an opportunity to win one of 3 prizes totaling $1 million each, was also withdrawn due to FCC and Congressional fears and complaints from the telephone communications industry that the United States telephone system would be overwhelmed.[10]. Ottis Anderson rushed for 102 yards, caught a pass for seven yards, and scored a touchdown. On their seventh play, Thomas ran 11 yards to the Giants' 29-yard line. Five plays later, Bahr kicked his fifth field goal, a 41-yarder, as time expired to give New York the win. The clock ran out, and Parcells was paraded off on the shoulders of his players. Last Sunday, Bahr's five field goals gave the Giants a 15-13 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Their theory is that the other team cannot score when they have the ball. We played as well as we could. He had made a 48-yarder this year and had a career best of 49 yards. document.write(currentYear); Carried Away. To this day, this is the only potential Super Bowl winning field goal attempt in which the kicker's team would lose if the kick were missed. Unfortunately, var currentYear = new Date().getFullYear(); Kelly completed six consecutive passes (four to Andre Reed) for 62 yards, and running back Don Smith capped it off with a one yard touchdown run to give Buffalo a 10–3 lead early in the second quarter. Instead, the network televised a special ABC News report anchored by Peter Jennings on the progress of the war before airing the halftime show on tape delay after the game. [2] This resulted in the smallest SBOP fields ever; the Main Event only had 12 participants. [14][15][16] The Whitney: The Greatest Hits album includes this music track. He received seven and a half votes to four and a half for Hostetler, one for Dave Meggett, the Giants running back, and one for Thurman Thomas of the Bills, who rushed 15 times for 135 yards. On offense, the plan was to use a power running game utilizing Ottis Anderson, aided by quarterback rollouts, bootlegs, and play-action fakes. Many also questioned how effective the Giants' offense would be after failing to score a single touchdown in the NFC Championship Game. In his book The Education of a Coach, David Halberstam wrote that one of defensive coordinator Bill Belichick's specific plans to combat the Bills involved convincing his defense (who had been the best unit against the run in the NFL that season) that they would win the game if Thurman Thomas ran for more than 100 yards. [2] This payment schedule dominated in the SBOP for the first 5 years of the event, but as the event grew the number of payouts increased while keeping the payout schedule top heavy.[2]. Anderson also received one pass for a 7-yard gain. He was on our side today. When Hostetler's third-down quarterback draw fell 2 yards short, the Giants punted. The Giants' defense finished a marvelous three-week playoff stretch in which it allowed only 35 points in three games. Here, he kicked the winning field goal again. One week after losing to division rival Philadelphia Eagles, 31–13, the 10–1 Giants met defeat on Monday Night Football in a 7–3 defensive battle with the 10–1 San Francisco 49ers, who had won the previous two Super Bowls and ultimately finished the regular season with an NFL best 14–2 record. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account, Site Last Updated: Monday, October 19, 9:12AM. Three players tied a record. But in a game of one chance and out, the Bills went out. But on fourth and two, Smith tackled Anderson for a two yard loss. This game offered a preview of what lay in store for Super Bowl XXV, as the Giants scored on drives of 75, 80, 49, and 51 yards, which lasted nine, 11, 11, and 16 plays, respectively. They did. There were many impressive performances in the game by players from both teams. Statistics site Football Outsiders ranks the 1991 Redskins as the best team they have measured (from 1986 to present). He did not. Former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle joined the coin toss ceremony. Four times they converted. Today, they won the Super Bowl when the Buffalo … "You get one opportunity," he said. The Super Bowl of Poker (also known as Amarillo Slim's Super Bowl of Poker or SBOP) was the second most prestigious poker tournament in the world during the 1980s. Big, Big Plays. The 1991 Super Bowl halftime show was history’s worst ever. It ended in a one-yard touchdown run for Giants running back Ottis Anderson. "I told them," Parcells said, "that basically I was at a Super Bowl five years ago and some of you guys were with me and we were in the exact same situation as we are now.

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