Egypt for one became interested in JF-17 because of SD-10. It is thought to be capable of reaching top speeds of up to Mach 3. May 21/11: India conducts 2 successful Astra tests. Find out what you have been missing. Choosing the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet or F-16 E/F Block 70 for the MRCA competition would remove part of the integration burden, and the USA might be interested in picking up a large R&D share for the missile given the potential threat represented by the alternative… on which more below. Pakistan’s November 2006 purchase of 500 AIM-120C AMRAAM missiles created counter-pressure on the subcontinent, and reportedly had India looking for 120km BVRAAMs (Beyond Visual Range Air-Air Missiles). A new IR guided missile designed to act as a counterpart to AMRAAM would be a very different design than the AIM-9L, which had always been intended solely as a stop-gap measure. The bottom line? al. Not yet a subscriber? It is capable of carrying 15 kg war head.”. Here Is What Each Of The Pentagon's Air-Launched Missiles And Bombs Actually Cost Arming America's combat aircraft, drones, and helicopters is an extremely expensive business. India has specified no foreign partners at this stage. They are also interested in Technology transfer of JF-17 it self. has the required performance built in, as it was designed specifically to help aircraft defeat opponents with R-77 or AMRAAM level missiles. Its two guided flight trials from ground launcher have been undertaken during July 2010.”. The countries which were denied AIM-120 AMRAAMs by the US have gradually become interested in the concurrent JF-17 program because of the SD-10, but both China & Pakistan are reluctant to sell it. The missiles were fired in operational configuration to assess mission readiness and swift deployment of the tactical missile over long distance. Earlier China had agreed technology transfer of K-8 advance trainers to Egypt. The Astra Mk.2 missile is currently envisaged as having a head-on intercept range of 80 km/ 50 miles, and 20 km/ 12.5 miles in tail-chase mode. The external look is similar to the previous generation MBDA Super 530, which equips its current Mirage 2000 fleet. If the Astra doesn’t live up to its promise, therefore, it can be discarded without affecting the IAF. September 20/19: Test-Fire An Indian Air Force Sukhoi Su-30MKI multirole air superiority fighter has test fired the country’s first domestically designed and developed beyond visual range air-to-air missile (BVRAAM), designated Astra, as part of ongoing user trials off the coast of Odisha in eastern India on September 16. If so, AMRAAM customers would quickly find the air-air balance tilting against them – absent either a strong stealth advantage, supersonic cruise speeds to extend missile range, and/or longer-range missiles to replace their AMRAAMs. Astra (Sanskrit: "weapon") is an all weather beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.It is the first air-to-air missile developed by India. The fact that anything that India tries to build on their own, it always comes out in faults. about A-Darter and T-Darter? DID Analysis: India’s Options – and their Potential Effects (February 2007). “There are moves also to start indigenous development of such long-range missiles by DRDO with possible foreign collaboration,” a DRDO source reportedly said. Lets not get to carried away here guys. Israeli avionics and DASH targeting helmets in a number of India’s planes may make Derby integration easier for India, and a ramjet “Derby 5” with more than 50km range might be very attractive to the Israelis; they would finally be able to give it a niche of its own beyond the AIM-120 AMRAAM, and might also be interested in the large export potential. India also has a strong defense relationship with Israel. F-16 Pilots S/L Haseeb Paracha and Shakir Qazi saluting to Alpinist Alison Hargreaves. I think pakistan is producing A-darter with south africa,better than astra..... Astra, according to the article will have a strike range of 80 km. COAS takes notice on Karachi incident - DG ISPR, FIR against Cap Safdar: IGP Sindh and many other senior police officials applied for leave, Modi Realized now : the US used him in the US-China war, Pakistan 15th most powerful country in Asia with biggest gains in diplomatic influence: Report, Desert Storm - The Ground War, Day 1 - Crush the Saddam Line, Chinese soldiers in Tibet receive new QBU-191 sniper rifles, BrahMos Supersonic Missile Successfully Test Fired From Navy's Stealth Destroyer, New Video - Indian soldiers were beaten by Chinese, Bangladesh under pressure not to relocate Rohingyas in island: FM, India will match China’s capabilities: INDIA issues veiled threat, Guidance: Inertial mid-course and /or datalink updates, with active radar terminal homing, Propulsion: Solid dual-thrust rocket motor. As it happens, India has elected to pursue a wholly indigenous, and less ambitious project, called ‘Astra’…. I doubt that the Indian Astra missile would be better than the SD-10. After this point, the missile can “glide” the rest of the way. The PL-15 missile, which the JATM must counter, is a Chinese missile similar in shape and dimensions to the AMRAAM. China after all with their proven track record did develop the SD-10. November 9/15: India’s Astra air-to-air missiles could be fielded next year, according to Indian press reports. Unless they wish to develop a missile from scratch, however, the global market gives them only 4 realistic options: The Meteor from MBDA et. The Diplomat reports that the aim of the test launches was to validate the IAF’s ability to hit targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers with pinpoint accuracy. It features mid-course inertial guidance with terminal active radar homing. The Astra will be in the same league as the Arjun, LCA, and other indian made weapons, if you know what I mean. The recent testing of the indigenous missile on Su-30MKI fighters tested the propulsion and aircraft integration capabilities of the missile; further testing of the Astra’s sensors and other sub-systems is planned for coming months. Reports of a longer-range, ramjet-powered R-77M that might satisfy India’s range requirements have persisted for years, but they remain sketchy and the missiles do not appear to have been fielded… yet. India may or may not be serious enough to push a 120 km BVRAAM missile through to successful project completion. Astra has a length of 3570 mm and a diameter of 178 mm.” did Indian government news link | India Defence report. If it does succeed, it can begin to provide a fleet standard missile option that offers greater inventory flexibility, and lower support costs. are these joint ventures between pakistan and S.A?? Indian defense procurement is full of announcements and ‘confirmed’ purchases that end up wildly late, or lost in limbo; but the effect on the global defense market could be very significant, depending on India’s choices. It is an all-weather, missile manufactured by Raytheon. I can't seem to find the relevant information on this site. The Astra BVRAAM is expected to be officially inducted by the end of 2019. The BrahMos is a derivative of the Russian-made P-800 Oniks over-the-horizon supersonic anti-ship cruise missile with a range estimated at between 300 to 400 kilometers. Can any one provides info. As such, a deal would depend on 3 factors: integration obstacles, how much the Israelis were prepared to commit in time and resources, and confidence in a lack of interference from the USA via technical export pretexts. March 26/07: Or, India could be moving to push ahead with its own design and less range. Some F-7 PG versions may also be mounted with it, however it would still not save F-7s from being grounded & mostly be replaced by JF-17s. “The live aerial target was engaged accurately demonstrating the capability of first indigenous air-to-air missile,” the MoD said in a press release. At present, however, the IAF’s Russian-designed planes use R-77 missiles, while the Tejas will be fielded with RAFAEL’s Derby. The R-77 would also be compatible with the MiG-29Ks being purchased for use from its aircraft carrier, and with the MiG-29OVT/MiG-35 if it wins some or all of the orders under the MRCA competition. March 19/06: DRDL scientists say they will sign a pact with MBDA to develop a dedicated active seeker-head system for the indigenous Astra beyond-visual-range missile, which is being developed in Hyderabad. The missile is currently envisaged as having a head-on intercept range of 80 km/ 50 miles, and 20 km/ 12.5 miles in tail-chase mode. Aug 9/10: Defence Minister Shri AK Antony updates the status of various missile programs, in a Parliamentary reply to Shri SB Wankhede and Shri AP Shivaji: “Astra – It is Air-to-Air Missile system for beyond visual range, designated to be a missile for Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). Multi-shot capability, immunity to countermeasures, and low smoke solid-fuel rocket motor make the AIM-120 one of the world’s best AAMs. The missile, showed in the weapon bays of the Chengdu J … The AIM-120 AMRAAM is a medium-range; air-to-air missile. Nor has it specified a development platform. Last, we come to the The AA-12/R-77, which already is deployed on India’s SU-30MKIs and even the MiG-21 BiS aircraft that caused US aircraft so much trouble at COPE India 2004 & 2005. To date, the missile’s navigation, control, air frame, and propulsion have been validated, but more testing will be required, The report also gives an interesting set of performance figures for the single-stage, solid-fueled missile: “Though the exact range of Saturday’s trial has not been disclosed, scientists are working to ensure that ‘Astra’ performs effectively at different altitudes – one cruising at an altitude of 15 km with 90 to 110 km range, another at an altitude up to 30,000 ft, having a range of 44 km and the third at sea level altitude with a range of 30 km… The missile is 3.6 meters long, 7 inches in diameter and has launch weight of about 154 kg, thus it is the smallest weapon of the DRDO’s guided missile development programme in terms of size and weight. Until compatible counters could me made available, the damage would extend beyond American aircraft and missile sales, and into the realm of American influence. This makes it a very logical base from which to develop a longer-range BVRAAM for India. Sept 13/08: The Hindustan Times reports that India’s indigenously developed, beyond visual range (BVR) ‘Astra’ air-to-air missile is successfully test-fired from the integrated test range at Chandipur in Orissa. The AMRAAM is in service with the US Air Force (USAF), US Navy (USN), and over 25 US-allied nations. Those figures are comparable to American AMRAAMs, and Russia’s R-77/AA-12. © 2004-2020 Defense Industry Daily, LLC | About Us | Images on this site | Privacy Policy, Contact us: Editorial | Advertising | Feedback & Support | Subscriptions & Reports, Defense program acquisition news, budget data, market briefings, Keep reading for the whole story with recent events put in context. Once the AMRAAM is fired, its solid-fuel rocket engine will accelerate the missile at a fixed rate until the missile either reaches its target or its fuel runs out. A partnership with India could well put the R-77M ‘RAMRAAMski’ over the top into finished development and active military service… and into the global export market. According to the Indian Ministry of Defense (MoD), the missile successfully destroyed its test target. DID's daily email newsletter keeps you abreast of contract developments, pictures, and data, put in the context of their underlying political, business, and technical drivers. Urdu is not our language: Mahmood Khan Achakzai in PDM's Karachi gathering. Even without fuel, the AMRAAM still has plenty of kinetic energy traveling at Mach 4. “After a gap of nearly four years, India’s indigenously developed Astra air-to-air missile [DID: link added], the sleek beyond visual range missile has been launched from the launch complex-II of Integrated Test Range (ITR), at Chandipur near Balasore… The missile has a range of 80 km and its launch speed was estimated to be 0.6 to 2.2 mach, the sources said. Even this is currently considered to be unlikely. The recent testing of the indigenous missile on Su-30MKI fighters tested the propulsion and aircraft integration capabilities of the missile; further testing of the Astra’s sensors and other sub-systems is planned for coming months.

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