Food includes small fish, frogs, slamanders, and crawfish. The eastern diamondback rattlesnake is the largest species of rattlesnake in the world. (Photo/ Digby Dalton). At times it is almost semi aquatic, freely entering shallow bodies of water. An alert, active locally abundant serpent that is quick to flee when approached but fights fiercely when cornered. The venom of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake attacks blood, tissue, and the nervous system. Mole kingsnakes likely feed on a wide variety of small mammals, lizards, and other similar-sized prey. Keep in mind that several of these species have a wide range of coloration, depending on where they live and diet. (Photo/Brad Moon). Coachwhips make nervous captives and are prone to strike repeatedly at persons passing their cages.  In biting, they embed their teeth and then yank away, producing lacerations instead of puncture wounds. Food includes crawfish and other crustaceans, plus small amphibians and fishes. At home in the palmetto flatwoods and dry pinelands of the south. Queen Snake Specimens are inoffensive when handled, but when first caught, the hind part of the body thrashes about violently, and the harmless, but sharp, tail spine scratches or stabs at the collector's hands, without, however, breaking the skin. This is the "Red Rat Snake a species much in demand as a pet. In the water it is perfectly at home and well able to catch the eels and other aquatic animals on which it feeds. Many stand their ground, but when hard pressed, they back away, rattling vigorously but still facing the intruder. Belly immaculate white, but darker dorsal blotches may color the sides of the ventral scales. Shelters such as logs, rocks, ledges, thick clumps of vegitation, etc. Secretive and found chiefly under logs and boards, beneath bark, or buried in loose soil. Sometimes referred to as "ground rattlers", they range in length from 15 to 24 inches at maturity, and when in a coiled position are roughly the size of a loblolly pine cone. The top of the head is usually dark. The Ribbon Snake has a sequence of 19 keeled scales, which are rough to the touch with a ridge in the center of each scale. Adult garter snakes are usually between 18-26 inches long, but may reach 36 inches in length. The body may be colored from a light brown to tan or pinkish in the southern copperhead. A snake of the damp lowlands; in flatwoods and near borders of bogs and swamps. Midland Brown Snake : Storeria dekayi wrightorum The longest one on record was almost 70 inches long. (Wikimedia). An active, fast moving serpent that sometimes prowls with head raised well above ground. (Photo/ADCNR). (Photos/Chris Funk and Scott Wright). The following snakes are very dangerous and highly venomous. Also, the dark spot on either side of the neck is larger. Diamond Backed Water Snake : Natrix rhombifera rhombifera (Wikimedia). Scales are smooth. This is mainly a snake of the lowlands, of low ground near swamps and cypress bordered streams. A snake of southern swamps and lowlands. Almost never seen in the open, but discovered under stones or boards, in rotting logs, during digging operations, etc. The northern copperhead usually has a darker and more reddish brown body color. Habitats include abandoned fields, environs of trails and back roads, especially those in or near deciduous forests. They may hiss and spread thier heads when first encountered. Dorsal ground color white, cream, yellowish, or gray, with 25-31 dark blotches. Secretive and adept at working its way beneath bark, logs, or other hiding places; seldom seen in the open except at night or after heavy rains. Buy newspaper front pages, posters and more. Its head is small, somewhat flattened with a rounded snout and is darker in color than the rest of the body. © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. A thoroughly aroused Cottonmouth throws its head upward and backward and holds its mouth wide open, revealing white interior; origin of the name Cottonmouth.

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