One very important thing to keep in mind here is that the slide pictured above is NOT included when you buy this playhouse. So many features wrapped up on one excellent playhouse. We also recommend putting out some chairs to map out the amount of space you’ll be using so that you can get a real feel for what your yard will be like with the playhouse in place. It is the perfect blend of a high visibility playhouse with really fun accessories such as a slide, a climbing ramp and multiple spaces and levels for a great clubhouse feel. This one is a nicely finished woodworking, with real cedar shingles, door and window. Always measure twice and cut once if you do not want to waste materials and cause a lot of frustration while adding time to a project to correct mistakes: Another great self-reliance teachable moment. Best budget option for large-scale wooden playhouses with a country cottage aesthetic. Wooden Vs Plastic Playhouse – Which is Better? Interior of the boys side of the playhouse after it was painted: A farm theme play mat rug with roadways will be placed on the floor to give the kids something soft to sit on and enjoy playing with. Despite the manufacturer listing the upper age limit at 10, due to the size, we think it’s more realistically around 6 or 7 max unless they’re playing with younger siblings. Easily customized. You can get up top via either a ladder in front of the playhouse or a rock wall in the rear and once on the second level, you’ll find a deck with planters for flowers or herbs and four windows. Second – it is incredibly versatile and can be used for many years. It was tied around one roof support beam, and then another board was nailed to it. We had the occasional work stoppage when a random goat would decide to sun itself on our cut pieces of concrete forms that we slated for painting and installation. The all-cedar tight knot structure means the lumbar is less likely to develop cracks and is naturally insect and rot-resistant. It has room and weight capacity for 4 children with a maximum user weight of 75 pounds. You can see in the video that this model is a bit small for the older kids. in interior design from Philadelphia University and a well trained eye for craftsmanship, she offers unparalleled advice on how to arrange your space to make it sophisticated, comfortable, and functional, whether it’s the office or bedroom. Cedar and redwood will also be naturally resistant to insects and decay and are great in warmer temperatures, meaning the wood won’t wane and warp as much as other timbers. We love this playhouse for it’s excellent mix of pretend play accessories and really fun elements which encourage active play. For little climbers, there is a rock-climbing wall, monkey bars and for everyone, there is a 10ft wave slide. Since it was easily 95 degrees in the shade on most days and even evenings when we worked, no one complained about waiting for a goat to move along before lifting and packing heavy could resume. Comes with a picnic table, mailbox, and grill. I had to repaint one of the foot holds on the wall because I was not supervising the nailing of them and leaving such a task to a man caused a the color design pattern to be off – in my expert female opinion – of course: A tow rope was used to add some more interest and challenged to the entrance of the playhouse. Our wooden outdoor playhouse DIY kits are perfect for families who wish to design their own playhouse, but lack the time or skills to build it from scratch. (U.S. only excluding Alaska). The playhouse comes in a natural finish and unpainted like most large-scale playhouses, which again, allows for you to add a personal touch and tailor your playhouse to suit your style and yard. Whatever your #patiogoals, there are plenty of ways for you to be imaginative. The concrete forms were already framed out with joist type divider and top and bottom boards. Massive interior space can house a large group of kids with room to spare. Best Budget Wooden Playhouse For Toddlers. Bring some fun into your backyard and surprise your little ones with this amazing playhouse. As with other playhouses, the Scout comes in a natural finish and is ready for you to paint or stain to suit your own yard and style. One of the things we love the most about this company is the accessories you can add later. Small playhouse for kids. Easy to build. We have had people tell us how excited the kids were when the parents were assembling the playhouse kit. If you get this mini playhouse for your backyard, you can be sure your children will go mad with joy. E-Z Frame Structure Kits make... View full product details . Excess portions of the walls were removed via our trusty chainsaw. I spent a little bit of time on Pinterest gathering some inspiration pieces and then raided my husband’s pole barn and “treasures” piles to do an inventory of prospective supplies. Assembly should take approximately 3-4 hours according to the manufacturer. ? Just follow … This is without a doubt, the best wooden playhouse for little ladies and gentleman who love to play house and entertain. It is finished with carefully made carvings. It does also mean that if you intend for it to be outdoors only, you might want to invest in some anchors or weights in case of wild weather. It's all made of sturdy wood, along with a high-pitched roof, a fenced porch, a front door with a small window, and working glass windows with flowerpots. It’s definitely suited to smaller kids, but is big enough for them to get a few years of use out of. The outdoor playhouse kits are made of nordic spruce which will is easy to paint and has great strength to it while being light to enable easy assembly. This accessory packed playhouse gets great reviews and is an Amazon’s choice for wooden playhouses. It is possible to pass wooden playhouses on, but they are more cumbersome to pass on than plastic playhouses because they are generally heavier and would likely require disassembly before passing them on. 881, Fort Building Kit for Kids | Kids Fort Building Indoor Playhouse Fort Building Set of 154 pcs - Supersized Glow in The Dark Fort with Balls and Sticks Building Set + 4 Sheets by Funphix, Natasher T-Handle Lock Kit, 5-1/2" Black Shed Door Lock with 4 Keys and 2 Screws, Barn Door Lock, Playhouse Lock & Chicken Coop Lock -1pcs, MAGGIFT 2 Pack Solar Powered Wall Lantern, Outdoor 10 Lumen LED Edison Bulb Solar Warm White Lights Wall Sconce with No Wiring Required,Fixture with Wall Mount Kit, kizihaus Sturdy Construction Fort Building Toy Kit with Storage Bag (Orange Balls + Light Blue Sticks). It enchants with the detailed design and high-quality materials. It can happily fit many little ones, capped at a maximum occupancy of 10. We suggest utilizing the space under the playhouse to add an additional play area – it’s a great spot for a sandpit! This is a seriously jam-packed playhouse-playset hybrid for seriously active little ones. … This charming Victorian-style playhouse makes for a really cute addition to any garden with other features such as large bay windows which include a serving window with a shelf, wooden front porch, English bench, Dutch half door and flower pots. I'm stunned, literally. We absolutely love this budget beauty which is also from Backyard Discovery and you can get it for about $100 bucks less than the Scenic Wooden Playhouse. Marie Montessori, pioneer of the Montessori education method, believed that children learn through play and that providing child sized items for roleplay enhanced their learning. Everyone had a hand in the designing and building, even the youngest grandchildren who will be playing inside. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. This playset includes a wiki wave slide, lower level clubhouse with arched entryway, large windows and half wall, awesome swing set with two belt swings and one trapeze swing, steering wheel, tic-tac-toe spinning panel, play telescope, flag kit, safety handles; a wooden treehouse-style roof including windows with functional shutters, sunburst, chimney and an upper 5ft platform with a safety barrier. Space for fake or even real flowers adds to the realism. Spacious and gorgeous, it features wood construction in a natural finish, a round door and windows, and a blue-tiling roof.

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