It’s easy to make up a story with all sorts of feel-good ingredients to virtue signal in a thread about a bad guy. I respect engineers for having opinions and ethics and they should lean on them, but to bar one from employment because they were doing their job is wrong, immoral, and potentially illegal. It’s a fundamental tenet of the American judicial system.

But in my experience the industry could use more morality based hiring standards, as well as morality-based repercussions for bad behavior. However, it soon becomes clear that Bert is not in fact the killer, but another man is, possibly a pedophile whom Bert kills. You need to be hydrated to make it easier for a lab tech to find your blood, if you're a hard stick. I hope that doesn't ever happen.

I find it repulsive that no one is discussing that the original author was doxed by a news organization and this was done after a "whistle-blower" leaked their memo to the news org. is it really off topic to ask about past employment and ethical opinions of the work they did?

That was another thing I knew about her. These are all sensitive subjects. When I ask people coming from Amazon why they left, I am very carefully listening to whether they like how Amazon treats its people or not. My stance on this has been getting firmer and firmer the more senior I get. Did Facebook sway the elections in 2016? We are to be watchmen warning of a hot Hell, telling of the one Way (Jesus) to avoid it, and telling all we can how God wants us to live. On re-reading my earlier comment I realize it could be interpreted either way, but I meant “people reacting as if you have an awful take...” rather than “people like you have an awful take...”. in my case they had to get someone from pedi to come do it, i had sticks all over my body.

My father said I looked more like her everyday, and that the gloves – elbow-length – made us look like twins if she had been a few decades younger. I think the Uber example and the Facebook example are real outliers. I more or less believe in free will and thus the responsibility for one's actions is one's own. If they ask it during interviews, they probably have discussions on this at the office all the time. It's a small front against the Big Tech, and they need as much help as they can get in order to put up a fight. Many live an ungodly life, yet nary a word that would help them leaves most Christians’ lips. The body responds even when the mind is immature. So it's not just personal, it's business!

And if you don't have the first, the other two will kill you. >I'm not sure where your particular cutoff bar stands.

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