My workplace advice to you, if you are reading this as an endometriosis sufferer, or if you suspect that you are: 1. Sometimes it can be even harder if they're a woman because 'standard' period pain is common and for many, very manageable so it can be hard for other females to understand the the difference between the two. With age has come a greater sense of confidence in many ways, especially when it comes to being a woman. Busy, buzzy offices. It’s painful as hell. Carbs eat your heart out. ‘Sorry, not feeling 100%, need to leave the meeting’ was a text I had sent my boss across the room one Monday morning as the president of the label was hosting his weekly all-department meeting, one where I was frequently asked to share marketing plans and updates. You’re prescribed the strongest painkillers possible. Both equally as undesirable a subject as the other. The times I have woken at 4am to the knifing pains inside me and still gone in to work because of how cliche it all felt, to have period pains, for a woman to complain about her period. Jumping back in time, in order to have the time off that I needed for surgery I had to submit a referral letter and medical certificate from my specialist to HR. Please, carry on with your meal.’ If you ever see me sit down and suddenly yelp, ‘TWAT’, I’m literally addressing that part of my body. Common locations of endometrial implants include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, ligaments that support the uterus, and tissue covering the bladder and rectum. I was able to provide letters from my doctors stating that I had endometriosis and that it was an chronic condition requiring ongoing treatment and management. The only way to diagnose it is surgery. Talk. THERE IS NO CURE. And in this role I no longer just attended meetings, I hosted them. Some people find drinking herbal tea or eating soup for lunch also helps to warm them up internally and ease the pain while sitting at their desk. 'Endometriosis is the same as any other medical condition with regards to work and time off,' she explained. Your GP can refer you for counselling or alternative therapy through the NHS and in some areas there is a self-referral system for such treatments. Secondly, as soon as I mention ‘womb lining’ 99.4% of men will stop reading this HERE. You’ll find me with two sausage dogs curled up on my belly and my duvet nearby, writing about life and whatever my mind thinks up. How you can refresh your relationship in 2018. As always, thank you for reading and wishing you the absolute best for the week ahead. If you opt to have laparoscopic surgery for your endometriosis, or more life altering surgery such as hysterectomy, consider arranging with your workplace a phased return to work and your duties. Whatever place you are in with your work, particularly if it’s not where you would like to be, it’s okay. It’s not particularly well known so many of you reading this may have it early signs of it and not now. I was able to provide letters from my doctors stating that I had endometriosis and that it was an chronic condition requiring ongoing treatment and management. Look into any groups or societies in the workplace where you can raise endo as a legitimate condition that likely effects a large portion of the workforce. When you have less time to do the same amount of work, you learn how to prioritise and get shit done. Period' campaign, stating: 'The average time to diagnosis is still seven and a half years, that's too much unnecessary suffering.'. ͈ ��7{G��;��b@�� In writing this blog, I wondered what I would’ve done differently back when I took that first post uni job had I known more about what I was suffering from. I’d just make sure that my work never suffered as aresult, probably totting up more hours in the office to show that I was absolutely capable of my workload despite ‘not feeling 100%’. It got to the point where I just had to tell my boss everything – my male boss. Chances of getting pregnant are said to be difficult to impossible so we look forward to lie ins, saving a small fortune and having an over compensatory menagerie of pets. I would sometimes escape to the nearest loo in the office, to just sit there doubled over, rocking back and forth waiting for it to pass. I was 31 at the time but in denial of adulthood and still thought I was 23. At the time I remember I was so embarrassed and didn’t want to share anything. An employer’s guide to managing endometriosis at work Myths and misunderstanding One in ten women suffer from endometriosis. vibe surrounding any conversations about my endometriosis, mine decides to grow predominently on my ‘Pouch of Douglas’. 4. 7. My communication skills have improved. I hated feeling like the odd one out or the girl with the really bad period pain. endstream endobj 328 0 obj <>/Metadata 69 0 R/Pages 325 0 R/StructTreeRoot 136 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 329 0 obj <>/MediaBox[0 0 595.2 841.92]/Parent 325 0 R/Resources<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 330 0 obj <>stream Earlier this year, Endometriosis UK launched their 'It's OK to talk. I am incredibly lucky to have found a job that I truly love and believe in. You can find out more about what the surgery entails and what life is like after it on Endometriosis UK where women have shared their stories. 0 The full range of pain management options and further details are available on the Endometriosis UK website where you can also download information packs on the condition. How do I explain endometriosis in a nutshell? Symptoms commonly experienced by endometriosis sufferers include: Although some women don't exhibit any symptoms at all. Your email address will not be published. + How to break from it, This Is What Narcissistic Triangulation Looks Like, Where my body is politic / rupture of public & private, How To Survive Relationship Pain and Move Forward as an Empath, How Women Are Socialised to Live With Pain, Why Falling in Love With Being a Writer is Easier than Actually Writing. The condition can lead to serious health problems, primarily pain and infertility. D�kŜ�%�m���{� 8E�O�DĶ�a�oJ�P+�Q=@G�Lc�Hd4)��8�nQ�h��Z���sd녏}l�������ھ0�y��}R����h8��A�n�ۻb06�x'bɀ�uA�DRq6�����a�L��I�=z�M������W9�6pD���݆#Z>�����Y�C����M �1�p��sb�Oz��}o��RƱ5�. I carried a lot of guilt and embarrassment before I knew what was going on inside me. Well, when ladies have a period it’s the lining of their womb coming out. So there I was, in the dark about what the pains actually were, trying to do a good job but feeling completely exhausted by it all. According to a UK expert on the condition. lMᇧ|��T�r�&�p�ih�3���\��a�_�h��dz���ͬLF]�����e�����۷oIY����k�f^����$M;I_�劉�X�8�'L�g��$W �"�[�B"s"QJ��������/���&��U[�ը��Q�\�q���Q����Q��j�5����jT���G���I�19�F$��'��N[.�M�`��D����. I had a male boss at the time, which made it even more awkward. Toggle navigation The more we talk and raise awareness, hopefully the easier it will be for others in the future. More than ever, I think it is so incredibly important to talk out about women's health,to raise awareness and understanding about the different cycles of life we go through and the often problematic health issues we can face along the way. Why menopausal hot flushes could bring on depression. For some they are able to have a career in various ways, for others it’s not possible to work at all. This resulted in a lot of paperwork which was not worth cutting down trees for. Namely around the time of my period. ;*�ӗ�Ȣ�� g�6��:�!xp� Find out more looking at our articles... See more ideas about Endometriosis pain, Endometriosis, Explained. !���ÏŴ�6�)�i �Z�;���#�) Or other times I would have to get out in the fresh air, aiming to walk and stretch it off up and down Kensington High Street. It can be a truly life altering condition and the sooner you are clear on if you have it, the sooner you can move forward in trying different ways to tackle it.

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