We apologize for this inconvenience. Corn Snakes. In the warmer months, they find their way into abandoned buildings or invade the burrows of rodents to hunt for prey, and have even been known to climb trees. A startlingly attractive snake, it's unlikely we will produce very many of these. Jan 28, 2019 - Explore Brianna Helms's board "Corn snake" on Pinterest. Q: How long can a Corn Snake go without eating? We no longer try to produce these, but numbers of them crop up from time to time and well-marked ones command a bit of a premium in price. Superficially similar to Anery or Charcoal at hatching, but proven genetically distinct. These are beautiful corn snakes due to their unique coloration. Homozygous for Scaleless, a recessive mutation and Diffusion/Bloodred. aka Lavender Bloodred. This trait is used to produce ‘Ghost’, ‘Phantom’ and a host of other colors. Even if your snake doesn’t eat, keep the food inside the tank or cage, so that it can eat the mouse once it feels hungry enough. Once laid, the female does not return to her eggs. A: Around 5 – 7 days in case of baby Corn Snakes and 7 – 10 days in case of adult Corn Snakes. Ultra is one of the newest mutations on the market. Homozygous for Amelanism, Anerythrism, Motley, and either Hypo-Strawberry or Strawberry, four recessive mutations. Others have described it as the colors are 'buried' under some layer. Enhanced yellows and decreased reds create a unique snake with caramel colored markings on a yellowish gray background. These should be common, but for some reason nobody bothered to make them They are a bit lighter, a bit brighter, and immensely popular. Baby Lavender Corn Snakes. The first dominant pattern mutation discovered in cornsnakes, crossing one to ANY other corn will produce clutches containing roughly half Tesseras. Hoping perhaps somebody might know more about the line or where it originates? These are the typical Cornsnake without the black pigment. Pricing: $700 and up, depending on sex and additional genetics. Ultra or Ultramel and Anerythristic. When this mutation is present under red coloration, such as in Amel or Normal corns, the effect is to darken the reds. Pricing: $130 and up, depending on sex and additional genetics. Homozygous for Hypomelanism, Anerythrism and Stripe, three recessive mutations. These are beautiful corn snakes due to their unique coloration. Combining Stripe and Tessera yields some very cleanly marked Tesseras, slightly different in the stripes, and the very orderliness of the pattern has astonishing beauty - especially in the butter coloration. Corn snakes do not have heat-sensing pits behind their eyes—this may be tricky to spot, but in case you’ve got an eye for it, there it is! The mating season typically runs from March to May, and an egg clutch contains any number from 10 to 30 eggs. Most appear similar to Snow Bloodreds, but with varying amounts of the pale orange suffusion seen on Opal corns. Definitely another unique allele to add to your breeding toolkit! This mutation traces it's origins far back in various morphs bred for intense reds, such as Okeetee and Bloodred, but wasn't officially recognized as unique until 2010. Homozygous for Sunkissed, a recessive mutation. Still rather rare. This advert is located in and around Kendal, Cumbria. Simply stunning, what more needs said? Test breedings are planned to determine the locus for this allele, and a genotype connotation will be assigned once these are complete.   As with all striped corns, there is a tendency for the pattern to break up near the tail. As hatchlings, the pale pink / pale purple pattern is relatively pronounced, with darkened edges providing rich demarcations to the overlaying pattern. The hypomelanistic gene codes for a limited supply of dark pigmentation. When expressed in a homozygous (i.e., having two diffused alleles) snake, the diffused gene codes for an almost entirely red snake, very dark and very visually striking.

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