But, if you have multiple, then that’s where it’d go, right? Paying for the above One-off setup “products” that involve multiple 3rd party tools and no automatic upgrades to the system. Here are the files. You can open up your calender, it absolutely connects to your Google calendars, it connects to anything by simply clicking this and then you can actually invite people’s calendars in here. So he thinks 145,000 is the ARV. That said…we know there’s tinkerers out there! Really appreciate it. I think it’s like $19 a month and Zapier is what connects all of these tabs, right? Debra says, “What did you say? I didn’t build it out that big because I want- I believe simple is better. [3:45] The use of the feed, tagging, and following workflows. Now, as I click on this, you’re gonna see these are all the incoming calls. Its flexibility and integration capabilities make it a powerful solution to automate your REI workflow. Yes, Robert, if you email Andrea, at REWWW.com, she will get you direction with Joseph, who will set up a Podio account for you just like mine. (I prefer to call Podio’s Apps, as “Modules”). In the real estate community, there’s a lot of uninformed conversations/hype happening in the CRM space and not enough real-talk about the current landscape of Podio services around real estate. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum. At what time? Every lead is linked to a property and every property is linked to a zip code. That is a note Eddy made an hour ago at Fidelity. And then, what he will do, is he will attach pictures, by choosing attach file. Why Does Podio Work Well for Real Estate? So he had an appointment, he might even still be at that appointment, as you can see. Again, you can talk to people over here, direct chat. all inside our system without needing other tools. This is what a filled out inspection would look like, right? Well it attaches the voicemail along side of it and you actually can play this voicemail right here, right? So, again, you can attach a file, if you wanna attach a file, a document, a picture. Well, we would call the seller back, the seller would say her name is Jessica, or his name is John. [18:13] What is Zapier and why is it part of the system. He is the Co-Founder or Phoenix Wealth Builders, a real estate solutions company, specializing in providing opportunities in a variety of areas within the Phoenix real estate market. Okay? [2:46] How to use the Direct Messaging system. I wanted so bad to just…fix everyone’s workspaces all at once as we developed improvements. Remember that you can always modify the templates to fit your team's processes. So under contract and then, if we didn’t have a buyer yet, this would be clicked and you’d be out to go find a buyer. Automations = Scalability! In every real estate wholesaling company the deal flow begins with an incoming call. Now, I talked to you about the calendar already, obviously here’s the tasks I just talked to you about the tasks. However, combined with a program called GlobiFlow, it becomes an automation powerhouse. Oh, Zapier. Find out how to connect with this programmer to setup your Podio system by watching this coaching session. And again, your deal board is all about closing the deal, the marketing the deal, right? You can really be interactive here, right? It’s an amazing system that is very user-friendly and easy to learn. If you wanna direct message people, IM people, you can IM people in here. Through his co-leading of the The Boardroom Masterminds, business coaching at The Science of Flipping, being featured on many top ranking podcasts, and speaking at REIA meetings around the country, REWW's Find and Flip Summit, Collective Genius and countless other real estate investor conferences he has been able to reach and impact the lives of thousands of real estate investors. Now all of these other ones … RingCentral is in there, but that basically just pushed- it gets pushed to incoming calls, moves forward. Over 70% of the closed leads in our business are derived from this feature! The cost savings alone is a no-brainer. On this post, we’re going to set the record straight about using Podio for your real estate investing business. We’ll find out in a bit. Mr. Clothier is an expert in real estate investing. So again, very very easy stuff to do. And then he will be putting his notes in here for the exterior, the neighborhood notes, he will put in here, right? What up Dave? So this is not … I’m not selling anything. [16:33] How you can get the exact Podio setup Pat uses with his team. ChanceLight uses Podio to educate thousands of American students. Originally used privately by my team to convert thousands of my deals, this cutting edge custom software is now available to the public. Simply build your desired lay-out once in the appointments app, and include fields from the leads and properties app. Podio has a way to fill all of your needs regardless of the Real Estate niche you are associated with. Lightbox Content [Secure and reliable] Use edit bar to hide/show content. As you can see on the right hand side here, he added a task to try Rebecca again. Podio itself is built for lead and project management at enterprise scale. Sincerely…it’ll save you the headache of having to signup for multiple things, and you’ll have your workspace setup completely hands-free (our team does it all). Doesn’t include support, but it’s a solid framework to get you organized. Good, fair, poor, missing, not applicable. Very very simple. I learned about Podio from a mentor of mine, Joe McCall, who started sharing the tool with the REI community in 2014ish. Dynamically adjust which number to call from based on regional and geographic locations so you’re always coming up as the local option. Right? We have made it easy for you with a recommended custom App Pack to get you started. Happy Wednesday, go have a killer week, and I will see you guys next week on our Weekly Wednesday Wisdoms. Thank you, Nelson, I appreciate it. There you see it, right there. Now, let’s take a look at what it looks at the end, when you have a deal board. Found a buyer. Let’s say 5:00 p.m. And then here I can give a little bit of notes, and I can create a task, and what that does, it automatically goes over here to his notifications and remains in here under tasks. **Note how we don’t recommend InvestorFuse if you’re new and don’t have any leads. Podio is the online work platform. But as you can see, all of these connect to each other as you start to fill out at an inspection. Improve efficiency, eliminate paperwork, track assignments and limit liability. To solve this problem, I needed to figure out how to eliminate the need for any 3rd party tools at all, as well as create our own code that could actually update EVERYONE’S workspaces all at once! Right? Here’s all the one-off options that exist now: This video I shot will help break down the differences so you can determine the best possible fit for your business: Tinkering…or customizing Podio yourself, comes in handy if you have a very specific process you want to quickly put into your workflow…like a notification when a lead turns hot and you want an email or slack notification to go out to the acquisitions team…very specific workflows count as tinkering. And so that’s what pushes them automatically the way I was showing you. Click another button to deliver the agreement for e-signature on the sellers mobile or desktop device.  Potential Marketing Budget Savings Per Campaign: $300 to $4000. In just a few clicks, you can set up a real-time sync of field values from related Podio apps (both outgoing and reversed relationship fields). With Power Sync you can sync your Podio app to a Google Sheet. On going, live drop, happening now, right? Any tags need to be given. This is where you’re basically gonna close. And that, guys, is the whole flow of Podio. You can get the exact setup for your Podio system that Pat’s team uses. So that is the marketing campaign. 5 ways to boost your Podio Real estate set-up. And then we even put a Dropbox link of all the pictures in there. Or…send us an email  at *info at investorfuse dot com* and we can hook up something even more basic for free. You know, what I wanna start doing now, is I wanna jump into the actual usefulness of where everything happens. This is very very easy to use. Our Advanced Workflows feature eliminates repetitive tasks, speeding up critical processes and enabling people to focus on core value-adding activities. Find & Flip Summit I created that workspace by meticulously diving into the details of seller lead execution. You are gonna likely wanna have a product called Zapier that you’ll need; which is what makes things push automatically between here. And Zapier, what Zapier does, is it pushes this call, automatically it pushes it from an incoming call into a seller lead. Earnings Disclaimer. It went semi-viral in the REI community. Bring your clients, freelancers and other external parties into Podio for free and eliminate lengthy email threads and time-consuming file sharing. Here’s obviously the holiday campaign. Learn more.

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