B & J have been thoughtful enough to include in these maps all the place names mentioned in the introductory material and in the translation, so the interested reader gets a helpful visual picture of the places being discussed. New York,  (Codex Ebnerianus, now in the New York Public Library) prepared by Donnus Nicholas [Nicolaus] Germanus This is how B & J have constructed their maps. Berggren and Jones (hereafter B & J) accordingly concentrate on the theoretical chapters in their translation and commentary, but they do also provide us with a small sampling of the coordinate list itself (II.7-10, the provinces of Roman Gaul), along with a map generated from this list. Descriptive text, within illuminated borders, accompanies the maps, in part adjoining the maps in the margins, in part on the versos lat. Geography. Claudius Ptolemy, the second century C.E. This nexus of Byzantine and Latin cultural and ecclesiastical relations in the Renaissance and Medieval periods is the underlying theme of the, Books about A History of Ancient Geography, Books about Ceylon in Ptolemy's Geography. The Codex Ebnerianus now belongs to the New York Public Library. On the identification of the Ptolemaic place-names and ethnonyms pertaining to the region. The geography of Ptolemy elucidated by Rylands, Thomas Glazebrook; Scott, William Robert, 1868-1940. Ptolemy’s relationship to his predecessors in the field of astronomy (especially Hipparchus) has been the subject of some debate in history of science circles, and so his use of (and debt to) Marinos in the Geography will be of some interest. Both Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus added extensively to Ptolemy’s maps based on … download 1 file . The Earth stood fixed at the center of the universe, with crystalline spheres within spheres whirling around it. Description. Beyond the translation itself (which I will come to in a bit), with its copious notes, there is a most useful introductory section by B & J, very nearly as long as the translation itself. In balance, the universe had a vast influence on earthly events, which … This is a book to judge by its cover. printed eds. Study of the historical geography of India in the context of Geographike by Claudius Ptolemaeus, Greek scholar, and Periplus maris Erythraei, 1st century Greek anonymous travelog. Do you have feedback on Miranda? Indeed, in one respect it even goes beyond its cover. It is a copy of the Geography prepared by Donnus Nicholaus Germanus (also "Donis Nicolaus" or "Nicolaus Donis" in certain earlier reference works, by misconstruction or misinterpretation of the name in manuscripts?). The Geography by Claudius Ptolemy Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Written by the influential archaeologist Sir Alexander Cunningham (1814-93), it draws on material ranging from the campaigns of Alexander the Great to the travels of the Buddhist pilgrim Xuanzang. Publication date 1893 Topics Ptolemy, 2nd cent, Cartography Publisher ... FULL TEXT download. Please send us an email at The Tetrabiblos, or 'four-part book' of Ptolemy is one of the most important surviving ancient texts on Astrology. author of this book, is best known as the originator of the Ptolemaic system. This translation of Books I & II of CLAUDIUS PTOLEMYS 'GEOGRAPHIA' and its accompanying analytical commentary was written in April 1994 and is the copyright of Louis Francis, who hereby asserts his rights to be identified as the author and translator of the work herein. Not only does it have an enticingly beautiful dust jacket, with a full-color reproduction of (unfortunately only most of) the map of the world from the 1482 Ulm edition of the Geography, but the back of the dust jacket gives the book strong commendation as well.

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