Remember, NDNA members receive more than 20% off. Sometimes books are chosen to reinforce other curriculum areas such as Science, Geography and festivals. If this story had a moral it would probably be 'Leave the bears alone!'. Text © 1989 Michael Rosen; Illustrations © 1989 Helen Oxenbury I think 'thick oozy mud' is quasi onomatopoeic but teaching it actively would be too much for my students. Published by Walker Books Ltd.  All rights reserved. This will enable children to feel, smell, hear and see the story. To celebrate, children can make up new chapters and invent their own sounds to the story. We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Activity Pack Differentiated worksheets, games and craft activities to support teaching of nature vocabulary, prepositions of movement, people and family vocabulary, as well as useful story language, including semi-fixed expressions with ‘be going to’, ‘have to’ and ‘can’t.’ Get your Activity Pack here We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Storytelling tips for early years We have teamed up with Walker Books for these top tips on We're Going on a Bear Hunt storytelling in early years. They can also choose to add in new obstacles if they wish to make it more child-led. A story box is a great tool for supporting your children to develop their oral literacy. 3738616, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Download: We're Going on a Bear Hunt Teacher's Notes, Download: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Activity Pack, You could watch at a staff meeting this video of Michael Rosen (author of, Observe how he draws you into the story with his voice, facial expressions and his body language. The earliest known record in the origin of storytelling can be found in Egypt. Walker Books has created a useful activity pack to support our We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Story Day. Preteach the landscape vocabulary with flashcards. Play some flashcard games. It's rhythmic, repetitive, chantable and full of fun noises. This activity will help you develop your storytelling skills as an early years practitioner. Nobody knows where or when the first story was told. To make a story exciting and fun you can: The history of storytelling It helps children to: Recall the story and retell it themselves. We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen is a wonderful book that tells the story of a family who goes on a bear hunt. Use accessories, such as a cardboard tube, to make the sounds, Going down a slide at the playground - “Weeeeeeeee”, Under a bridge or in a tunnel - "echo, echo, echo”, Walking through autumn leaves - “rustle, rustle, rustle”, Create a cave in the garden for the children to use as a role play area or a quiet area for them to read their own books. There are many examples on social media and Pinterest of, Create a small world version of the walk with a toy bear and the different obstacles, The children can then recall the story and act this out with the toys. Or you could use this. Finish with the animated pictures from the book video. Usually practitioners bring their own love of stories; they bring their own experiences of having stories read to them and their experiences of watching other accomplished storytellers holding a captive audience. For the first lesson 'say yes when you see the...' is excellent. Considerations: Consider how you can ensure the safety and welfare of the children whilst you are out of the setting. The children will be able to recite it much more easily and they can add the new vocabulary to their knowledge bank with a real meaning attached to it. Remember to keep these within arm's reach of children in your story area for children to use independently. You cannot get better story telling instructions than this: Worksheet time: I drew a cave, with a forest, river, grass, mud  and a snowstorm for mine, and asked the children to draw the bear in the right place. Some report being very scared by the book when they were very small, so maybe don't go over the top with the terror! Heighten the excitement by creating it overnight and reveal it to the children in the morning. We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Micheal Rosen was published in 1989 and is real classic. The first time I tell the story the students listen and I elicit some words. Students learn basic vocabulary and simple phrases with that all too often missing element - context. Printable. real grass, a river. Remember, you may have told this story over 100 times, but this could be the first time this child has heard it, make it memorable. Omit the adjectives at your discretion. For some children, it may be easier to move the tray to their feet or why not put the tray on a table so the children can move their hands through it instead. Download it below. The more real you can make a story the better! Get drawn into the story because they feel they know it very early on. Tell the story with the book. Think about which open-ended questions could develop the story line: Once children are confident in developing a story with you, ask them to choose the object in the box and begin telling the story themselves. For more support, NDNA offers a Reading and Storytelling online course too. Watch the master at work here. Remember to risk assess all places, even if you have been there before. Whatever approach you use to draw the children into the story, make it individual to those children in your setting, Enjoy the time you have with these children in the magical world of stories, this will shine in your voice when you are telling the story. Have the children put some wellies on and take them through your own river, This makes the story come to life. Storytelling has been used for generations as a means of remembering history, sharing of cultures and beliefs and a tool for giving wisdom and understanding to people. Telling a story should never be a job you do with all the children while you wait for lunch to be served or while you are waiting for parents to arrive. The Society for Storytelling tells us, "Oral storytelling is one of the most ancient art-forms and has a long and honourable history. Use the bear template in the activity pack to hide bears around your setting, Invite parents to a stay-and-play event and get them involved, Print out the special certificate in the activity pack for children to take home, Suggest to parents to take their child for a walk in some woods at the weekend and re-enact the story. Text © 1989 Michael Rosen; Illustrations © 1989 Helen Oxenbury It helps children to: Recall the story and retell it themselves; Develop their language skills If this story had a moral it would probably be 'Leave the bears alone!' It helps them to develop: It is important that children have adults that enjoy telling stories, who can bring the story to life and make it exciting! ", We’re Going on a Bear Hunt   a local wood, park or community garden, Make your trail accessible e.g. Take the story outside, there are many places to consider e.g. "In the past these stories served as a means of communicating news, teaching moral principles and tribal law, and explaining the origins of Life, the Universe, and all that therein lies. Think about how accessible the different places will be to all children in your care and meet their needs as required. You do not need to be in the woods or even a large outdoor area to make this fun and interactive. Published by Walker Books Ltd.  All rights reserved. Repetition, repetition, repetition! We know that storytellers were considered very important people. We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Micheal Rosen was published in 1989 and is real classic. What do you think we need to explore inside the cave?, Telephone: 01484 40 70 70 | Fax: 01484 40 70 60, Copyright ©NDNA ™ All rights reserved 2019, Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England Company No. Make a barefoot walk using trays with different items for children to walk through, They can then feel the different surfaces between their toes., Telephone: 01484 40 70 70 | Fax: 01484 40 70 60, Copyright ©NDNA ™ All rights reserved 2019, Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England Company No. I've chosen the Amanda Askew version of the clas... Just don't buy the tiny board book like I did! "Stories have been passed on by word of mouth, since long before reading and writing became commonplace. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt   This is where I post my lesson ideas based on well known story books or nursery rhymes. Welcome to Story Telling for ESl kids. It can be very intimidating to sit down in front of a group of children and read a story and there is no training session for practitioners included in their level three courses. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt is 30 years old this year! This literature unit is filled with seven different follow-up activities an And finally, it's really important to keep up-to-date with your early years standards. We're Going on a Bear Hunt by Micheal Rosen was published in 1989 and is real classic. Make your own forest using cardboard tubes, tarpaulins, sheets and poles and create your own grass, mud or water, Add props. 3738616, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Download: We're Going on a Bear Hunt Storytelling Kit, Use your voice and tone to set the scene and create an atmosphere, Build anticipation and introduce surprises, Move around the room and go outside if this is appropriate to the story, Use your voice to develop characters and introduce sounds, Vary the pace, speed and volume as appropriate, Relax and enjoy the storytelling activity. This is especially important for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) or for those whose first language is not English. Developing a love of books in early years is essential to support lifelong joy with literacy. Discover more about Michael Rosen with some suggested activities by downloading the Teacher’s Notes provided by Walker Books below. Sing your hello song whilst being scared and very much not scared! Adults should be committed to planning great storytelling adventures in new and exciting ways and places, with stories that spark and develop children’s imagination and creativity. The Three Billy Goats Gruff is a great story for group storytelling whether with pictures or without. Young ESL learners need plenty of exposure to key vocabulary so these lessons are designed to be repeated 3-4 times with different extensions.

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