Reg: I liked to eat like a king, but only food that was good for me. But I don’t want to dismiss Park as a mere bodybuilder. In this case the net carb for the slice of whole grain bread would be 15 - 7 = 8 grams (of net carbs). Thanks so much for stopping by! If you look great, the actual numbers or measurement aren't really that important - no one will chase you around with a tape measure in any case! I can’t remember where I read it, perhaps it was Randy Roach’s book, but the older bodybuilders used to place a huge emphasis on protein digestion and assimilation. The bottom line is "look." Gee! hours you rest in a day, the days you wait until the next workout, the intensity and volume of your training. However, if you look closer, you find that for the whole grain bread, 4 of those grams of carbs are in the form of fiber. 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We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Breakfast: A glass of fresh orange juice Fruit: paw-paw (papaya) & banana, Cooked Oatmeal (large soup plate full) with full cream/whole milk & fresh cream, Lunch: Large bowl of soup (tomato, pea, minestrone etc.) He only cared about eating a lot of food each day that was high in protein. Conclusion: Steroids were available 1 0 years prior to Reg Park’s debut on a bodybuilding stage. See link below for more information., Casey Viator's Workout Routine -Chris Lund (1981). hi just like to say firstly great site ;-) now excuse my ignorance but what happens if you're eating the wrong kinds of carbs? So don't give up! A glass of fresh orange juiceFruit: paw-paw (papaya) & banana, Cooked Oatmeal (large soup plate full) with, Large bowl of soup (tomato, pea, minestrone etc.) My favorite food is steak, which I sometimes eat twice a day. And he had an incredible V-taper! So I don't think we should take it that he maintained that measurement all the time.In any case, whether 29 or 32, at 6ft 1 in., it looked great in any case! I ate prodigious amounts of food during the day, but adhered to a very balanced diet with everything in proper proportions. In an interview with Reg by Osmo Kiiha, Reg was asked about his diet:"What type of diet did you follow? Nice "forgotten" diet plans of CPB´s. Reg had a physique that was pretty formidable. I've seen hungry bloodhounds gobble down food, but Reg Park wins a can of fried grasshoppers as second place for amount, and first place for speed.". As far as The Reg Park diet, I’ve done a bit of digging, and it looks like the man was very much in line with the “eat healthy, eat big” principles that McCallum discusses. I also like salads, orange juice and wine. He didn't carry around a gallon of water where ever he went or protein shakes. Reg stood 6'1" and weighed over 250 pounds - standards which were enormous for the time. Here is a sample of Reg Park's diet: Breakfast: A glass of fresh orange juice Fruit: paw-paw (papaya) & banana, Cooked Oatmeal (large soup plate full) with full cream/whole milk & fresh cream Something you might be interested in is this account from Reddit about someone who followed Dwanye Johnson’s workout and diet for 30 days: 0 Comments. I ate prodigious amounts of food during the day, but adhered to a very balanced diet with everything in proper proportions. According to his followers, Park’s daily diet went something along the following lines: Breakfast A glass of fresh orange juiceFruit: paw-paw (papaya) & banana, great picture of Reeves and Parks, but should illustrate that looking at this picture that Reeves mi-section wasn't 29 inches as he claimed, maybe 32 inches - just compare his with Reg's waist not alot of difference- they still looked great BUT not a 29inch waist!!?? For those of you who aren't familiar with Reg Park he was Arnold Schwarzenegger's idol. Conor is Assistant Professor of Physical Culture and Sport Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. I want to post a workout which he recommended:# Warm-up - 1 x 20# Squat - 5 x 5# Bench press - 5 x 5# Stiff-leg dead lift - 5 x 5# Bent-over rowing - 5 x 5# Press behind neck - 5 x 5# Leg raises 1 x 25I wish i that i had a email than i would send you the whole article . We suppouse from the beggining that human body is created equall, Rippeder, LLC | | Disclaimer | Privacy | © Copyright 2012-2020 |, York Barbell System Of Training Courses 1 and 2, Maurice Jones the Canadian Hercules Workout Routine, Bill Starr’s Famous 5 x 5 Training Routine, Rare Franco Columbu Training and 1981 Mr. Olympia. He then won the Mr Universe in 1951, 1958 and 1965. Reg Park – How I Trained for the 1958 Mr. Universe An ideal for Arnie and countless others, Reg Park was one of the biggest bodybuilding names of the mid-century. variable with the genetics you are give us the finall result, that is the body you have. I think you know Bradley J. Steiner. with rye bread, A couple of cups of tea with some chocolate, (Reg would consume Milk stout/Guinness as an aid when he needed to gain weight). Yeah that´s nice.This is what i want to see. Hi Anonymous,Well...bread and rice weren't really a big part of the basic, high-protein diet of the pre-roid, Golden Age. These are an small enumeration of the things you can not change, but there are other that you can, as the diet you eat, the If you want more information on Reg Park: Leroy Colbert | Robby Robinson | Dave Draper | Sergio Oliva | Larry Scott | Franco Columbu | Frank Zane | Lou Ferrigno | Lee Haney | Steve Reeves | Reg Park | Bill Pearl | Mike Mentzer | Casey Viator | Boyer Coe | Danny Padilla | Ed Corney | Ric Drasin | Harold Poole. Hi Anonymous,Remember that Steve said that 29 inches was his all time "best" measurement (I don't know if I mentioned this before). Reg Park was also the 2nd guy to ever Bench Press 500lbs (in 1957) and could Squat 605lbs, Deadlift 700lbs and Press 315lbs. Gee! Absolutely, it goes to show doesn’t it how important genetics are alongside hard work. Classic Physique Building and the Classic Ideal! NOTE: IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASE THE SEVERAL COURSES THAT REG PARK PUBLISHED THROUGH HIS LIFE, YOU CAN BUY THEM HERE, Bill Hilbern's web. He ate real food and weight trained right. I also have used protein supplements and take vitamin and mineral tablets. He competed in the pre-steroid era at a weight of about 250 pounds and was 6', 1’’ tall. Like you, I’d be skeptical about how long I could do this without getting fat. so equall has to be the ultimate develop of the body in his strenght and shape. Whenever people start to discuss bodybuilders, as happens often in the circles I run in, the bodybuilding diets always come up. Writing for Rader’s Iron Man Magazine, Earle Liedeman recounted his amazement at Park’s appetite. Reg Park's Diet and Nutrition; Interview to Jon Jon Park, by Steve Shaw. Welcome to the world of Classic Physique Builder! According to his followers, Park’s daily diet went something along the following lines: This it should be stressed was a moderate day’s consumption. Reg Park won the Mr. Universe competition in 1951, 1958 and 1965. No, man. In that light, Reg Park’s diet sounds like that of most bodybuilders.

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