Until recently Professor Acra's discoveries were published piecemeal in various scientific journals. This article appeared on pages 32-36 of the November/December 1981 print edition of, Check the Public Affairs Digital Image Archive for. The web service Alexandria is granted from Memodata for the Ebay search. From the specimens that Professor Acra has submitted for examination to the British Museum, it has been possible to identify 12 orders of insects and three of Arachnida - i.e. All rights reserved. Even so, during vacations and over weekends he will take off regularly for the mountains of Lebanon, eager to add specimens to his already impressive collection. As a result Kahraba announced that he finally received his international clearance and that he intends to reveal what happened behind closed doors during this issue. Last year, however, the Lebanese National Council for Scientific Research began to show interest in his work, and offer financial support, and at the moment is considering a proposal to finance publication of a study of Lebanese amber to bring the results of Acra's research together with that of other international authorities. Indeed, the word amber itself is derived, incorrectly, from the Arabic anbar - ambergris - and its use in the Middle East has been recorded from earliest times. This was probably considered by the ancients as the outward sign of the mysterious virtues that amber was supposed to contain. Hearing this, his mother, Althaea, snatched the brand from the fire and carefully preserved it. Certainly the Roman Emperor Nero was much enamored of it; he sent an expedition from Rome to the Baltic's amber beds in today's Prussia; it returned bearing 13,000 pounds of the precious substance. Just as the Greek word electron gives us our word for electricity, so is the Arabic word for electricity—kahraba' — the same as the word for amber. Satisfactory results have also been obtained by using jewelry burnishing paste to polish the surface, and some of the more fragile pieces of Lebanese amber have been embedded in plastic and then mechanically polished. Service Definition; Alkahraba friends App; BARQ Services. definition and synonyms of kahraba. When it is then burned it still has the odor of fir-trees. The next most common inclusion of insects is Hemiptera-Homoptera, a high proportion of which are Aleyrodidas. The trade in Baltic amber goes back to pre-historic times, and the discovery of amber beads in archeological sites throughout Europe and the Middle East has enabled pre-historians to map ancient trade routes linking the far north with southern lands. Professor Acra is modest about his reputation as an authority on amber; he insists that his study of the precious substance - or, more precisely, of the fossils within amber - is more in the nature of a hobby. As the British poet Alexander Pope once observed: Copyright © 2004-2015 Aramco Services Company. It is a pretty story - rather like amber itself: a tender, warm, honey-colored fossil substance used widely throughout the Middle East for worry beads, amulets and jewelry. Pope was not alone in wondering; the fragments of flora and fauna found in amber excited the curiosity of scientists everywhere since they often contained vestiges of extinct animal and plant life, which are capable of informing us about our world millions of years ago. It means "ambergris"— "gray amber"—as distinct from ambre jaune, "yellow amber" or amber proper. Add new content to your site from Sensagent by XML. Get XML access to reach the best products. Middlesbrough, NY Red Bulls Examining samples of old amber is a delicate task, best left to the experts like Professor Acra, who starts the process in his own home laboratory - by photographing and subsequently cataloging specimens - and then sends particularly promising samples to the British Museum for further examination. English thesaurus is mainly derived from The Integral Dictionary (TID).  |  Indeed, what makes Lebanese amber so significant from the scientist's point of view - rather than the jeweler's - is that it is the oldest known amber to contain Pope's bits of flora and fauna from the past.

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